Album Review: “Reaching In” by James McGowan Ensemble

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada-based 13-member group The James McGowan Ensemble (named after one of its namesake members) recently released a personal, introspective concept album titled “Reaching In”. It’s a story of the protagonist’s journey from loneliness, social anxiety and low self-esteem to self-awareness, acceptance and ...Read More

Album Review: “seed water sun” by The Last Optimist

Boston MA-based alternative folk artist Markus Belanger a.k.a. The Last Optimist’s latest release “seed water sun” is packed with ethereal power. This LP follows his earlier two albums titled ‘make it alright with grace,’ and ‘this moment is gone.’ Although in the past, many described his music ...Read More

Album Review: “Admiratio Magna” by Frank Clare

Prague, Czech Republic-based neoclassical piano musician and composer Frank Clare’s debut album “Admiratio Magna” showcases the artist’s love for 19th century classical music. The title “Admiratio Magna” is a Latin term that translates to “Great Surprise” in English. The album is inspired by the ...Read More

Album Review: “In The Rain Shadow” by MVI

San Francisco Bay Area, California-based progressive acoustic guitarist and composer Mark Vickness with his musical collective MVI (Acronym for Mark Vickness Interconnected) recently released his new instrumental album “In The Rain Shadow.” The power-packed themes in this dynamic album are inspired by the nature, most ...Read More

EP Review: “The Journey” by Caroline Brennan

Cape Cod, Massachusetts-based singer-songwriter Caroline Brennan is all set to release her new EP “The Journey” toward the next month end (May 2023). Produced by Jon Evans under the label of Zephyr Sound, this exciting Americana EP spreads positivity by giving out a loud and clear ...Read More

Album Review: “Hidden Gems” by Wayne Merdinger

Scottsdale, AZ-based folk rock singer, songwriter and recording artist, Wayne Merdinger released his new album “Hidden Gems” on major streaming platforms this month (April 2023), where he effortlessly transforms common human experiences and emotions into moving lyrics and beautiful melodic expressions. This amazing collection of classic ...Read More

Album Review: “Cosmic Flute Rides Again” by NTHNL

Brooklyn, NY based musician Jacob Rudin a.k.a. NTHNL just released his full-length album “Cosmic Flute Rides Again” that treats the listeners with boundless enthusiasm. As the name suggests, this is a flute-fronted project that beautifully combines jazz, pop and lo-fi. The resulting fusion is ...Read More

Album Review: “Cinematica” by Globus

Acclaimed music composer with world-class film trailers to his credit, Yoav Goren is back with another full-length music album “Cinematica”. It’s no secret that Goren has scored film trailers for some of the top franchises like Spiderman, X-Men and Harry Potter with live orchestras. ...Read More