Single Review: “Alabama Song” by Nancy Wenstrom

Fremont, California-based vocalist-lyricist-guitarist Nancy Wenstrom just released her new single “Alabama Song”. The song, accompanied by a lyric video, is the second single from her forthcoming album, ‘Inside Story’. Along with Nancy, the song features Joel Jaffe at pedal steel guitar and backing vocals, Marc Levine at bass, Billy Johnson at drums and Vikki Lee at backing vocals.

Alabama Song - Nancy Wenstrom

Nancy has a fond memory of Alabama during her teenage years. She kept visiting her family and friends for several years after relocating to different places. “Alabama Song” is born out of this nostalgia as she recalls the memories of the bygone days at her parents’ house located in a remote part of Alabama. The song reflects the beauty of the nature and the gratitude for various things the life gifts us, though we may realize their value only when we look back in time.

“Alabama Song” Lyric Video:

The track opens with sweet and melodious guitar and is soon joined by equally pleasing Nancy’s voice. Her guitar chops throughout the song are extremely impressive. The soft drum beats go well with the rhythm, while the steel guitar adds poignant textures to the music. Nancy beautifully captures her warm memories about Alabama through the analogy of different seasons. The lyrics are straightforward and get extremely touching at some points, for instance, when she laments – “Now I know I can never go home again… All of my family is gone…”

The meaningful lyrics and vibrant music bring alive the beauty of Alabama sketched in Nancy’s memories. If you enjoy listening to Americana/Blues, you will love this song for sure, especially if you are a Bonnie Raitt or a Sheryl Crow fan.

About the ‘Inside Story’ Album

“Alabama Song” is a track from Nancy’s upcoming album ‘Inside Story’. The album is a collection of 10 original songs recorded at San Francisco’s Studio on the Hill. It is co-produced with Joel Jaffe under the label, WCM Records. Lyrically, the album seems to share the message of letting go. Musically, it reflects a deep influence of the folk, blues and rock & roll.

About Nancy Wenstrom

Nancy Wenstrom

Nancy Wenstrom is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from Fremont, California. She was born in Houston, Texas. Being an Air Force child, she grew up in several different places including the Azores, Nebraska, California, Washington D.C. and Alabama before moving to the San Francisco Bay Area. She started learning piano at an early age of 8 and guitar at 12. She started out as a professional musician in her early 20’s.

Having been a professional musician for 40 years now, she has been touring and recording with several SF Bay area bands. She has rocked the stage with some of the popular Bay Area artists like Bob Weir (the Grateful Dead), Chris Isaac, Grace Slick (American Bandstand), Big Brother and the Holding Company, Norton Buffalo, Maria Muldaur and Mark Hummel. Nancy has recorded 8 solo albums and has also produced 2 Christmas albums.

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