Album Review: “Cosmic Flute Rides Again” by NTHNL

Brooklyn, NY based musician Jacob Rudin a.k.a. NTHNL just released his full-length album “Cosmic Flute Rides Again” that treats the listeners with boundless enthusiasm. As the name suggests, this is a flute-fronted project that beautifully combines jazz, pop and lo-fi. The resulting fusion is unbelievably uplifting and joyous that gives you Zen music-like experience.

NTHNL Cosmic Flute Rides Again

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Explaining the inspiration behind this bold album, NTHNL says that flute is one of the oldest musical instruments whose history dates back to tens of thousands of years. It’s a universal instrument across different cultures and plays an important role in both spiritual and corporeal music. This album is the celebration of this simple yet wonderful instrument. NTHNL has tried to give it an altogether new context to sing in. The idea is to fill the listeners with positivity and make them feel free just like when you realise that this world is huge, expansive, meaningful and full of beauty.

“Cosmic Flute Rides Again” Tracklist

The album includes 10 amazing tracks, mostly instrumentals:

  1. Prelude (Cosmic Flute Rides Again)
  2. Neon Flow
  3. Our Secret
  4. La Salle D’attente
  5. Full Spectrum
  6. Nico’s Exorcism Dance
  7. Digital Exposure
  8. Sexual Selection
  9. Avec Tendresse
  10. Alice

“Cosmic Flute Rides Again” opens with a prelude track that sets the tone for other pieces. The opening peaceful sound of rainfall gives way to colorful, melodious flute played against electronic beats and synths. The second track “Neon Flow” has a good mix of pulsating rhythms. It also features keyboard solo by Derek Dupuis.

“Our Secret” official music video:

“Our Secret” gives a slightly melancholic hint, while “La Salle D’attente” seems to recreate the atmosphere of a public waiting room.

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“Full Spectrum” is the longest track in the album lasting for 4:14 minutes and also with a good amount of variation. “Nico’s Exorcism Dance” starts with the beats and spontaneously progresses into dynamic arrangements that sound refreshing and uncluttered.

“Digital Exposure”, “Sexual Selection”, “Avec Tendresse” and “Alice” are some of the other highlights of the album. The cello solo in “Digital Exposure” is played by Aliya Ultan.

NTHNL has played flutes, saxophone and keyboards in this album. He has also done beat programming and mixing. The music is mastered by James Lambert.

Despite the presence of flute in all the pieces, at no point does it sound dull or repetitive. It’s interesting to see that one can create so much of variety with such a simple instrument. “Cosmic Flute Rides Again” truly brings out NTHNL’s musicianship to the fore. He makes the complex music sound simple and effortless. A must listen for the fans of Knower, Thundercat and David Sanborn!

More Info About NTHNL

Jacob NTHNL Rudin music artiste

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