Album Review: ‘Electric Treatment Free’

This self-titled EP is the debut release of Ottawa-based solo experimental artist Mark Uygur a.k.a. ‘Electric Treatment Free’. It’s an amazing fusion of diverse musical techniques that culminates into an idiosyncratic yet readily accessible electroacoustic sound. The adventurous experiment explores several unfamiliar territories and defies categorization under a single genre.

Mark Uygur-Electric Treatment Free

You can call it a blend of Frank Zappa, John Cage, Kim Hiorthøy and Boards of Canada that falls under multiple genres like electronic, instrumental, leftfield, electroacoustic and laptop music. The music is written and produced by Mark Uygur with mastering support from Topon Das at Apartment 2 Recording.

‘Electric Treatment Free’ Tracklist

The EP has the following five tracks:

  1. Study 4
  2. Andrei’s bright day
  3. The brother of sleep
  4. Maths (conlon guitars)
  5. Fort smith

The opening track “Study 4” takes you on a cosmic journey with a colorful electronic work of blissful and freeing nature. As the music progresses, it shifts in tone and turns the mood from emotive to joyful. The second track “Andrei’s bright day” ramps up the craziness with vocal loops. The minute-long track begins with a radio static over a female voice repeating ‘This is the greatest moment of my life’. It is then followed by a male scream and ends with a soothing piano.

The next track “The brother of sleep” offers some more audio samples. It begins with a phone call being answered by an automated answering machine. The caller then starts recording a voice message. Following next is a fast-paced guitar track called “Maths (conlon guitars)”. It has relatively more substance and depth than the previous tracks. The notes and melodies are simply undeniable.

Mark brings in more variety and instruments in the closing track “Fort smith”. It first begins with random jazz pianos and then switches to heavy guitar riffs and drum beats. The last section of the track contains some ethereal sounds and audio clips.

“Fort Smith” Music Video:

About Electric Treatment Free

Mark Uygur, the man behind Electric Treatment Free, is a musician/producer based out of Ottawa, Ontario. He studied music with private teachers and completed university courses in theory and composition. He has performed as a guitar-player in various local bands. In ‘Electric Treatment Free’ Mark explores and integrates sounds from different genres, and uses software to experiment with new production techniques.

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