Album Review: “Novella” by Mr. Grossman

Northern California-based music artist Mark S Grossman, better known as Mr. Grossman, has released a new mini-album “Novella” comprising R&B, Soul and Indy Pop pieces. Grossman is a singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist who has composed a wide variety of music ranging from trip-hop to blues to mixed chorus. In his latest release, he takes an experimental approach and tells the stories about people dealing with past love and how they need courage and comfort. Unlike the previous political pieces, “Novella” showcases Grossman’s emotional side.

Novella Mr Grossman music album

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The keyboards, guitars and vocals are by none other than Grossman himself while the female sultry voice you would hear is of Chana Matthews.

“Novella” Tracklist

“Novella” is an EP with four original tracks:

  1. Any Takers
  2. Escape
  3. Intermezzo
  4. Up to Me

The album opens with the low and elegant track “Any Takers” where Chana Matthews lends her voice to a woman torn apart by past relationships. The song highlights the pain and longing of the woman struggling to forget her past and preparing herself for a new beginning. The anxiety whether she would find any takers is where the song’s title comes from. Matthews with her luscious voice portrays the agony so well that you’d feel everything is happening right in front of you.

The second song “Escape” is filled with compassion and encouragement. It’s like an offer made in response to the first song. It brings a feeling of hope and solace as Grossman encourages the woman to step out and escape to him.

The third track “Intermezzo” is a brief piece celebrating a new beginning. It’s about a minute in length.

The album closes with a positive, pulsating track “Up to Me”. No matter what happened… It’s up to me now, To wash away all your tears assures Mr. Grossman in his signature, velvety voice.

Stream “Novella” on Bandcamp.

To sum up, all the four tracks in “Novella” are touching yet engaging. Each piece adds continuity to the previous one.

More info about Mr. Grossman

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