Album Review: Stevie Cornell Releases a Self-Titled Album

Santa Rosa, California-based singer-songwriter Stevie Cornell recently launched a new self-titled album under his own label Sonoma-Sonic Records. This acoustic folk release marks his return to music after a hiatus of 20 years. Cornell is aware of the changes in music styles that took place during all these years but his music is still all about the song.

Stevie Cornell self-titled album

Cornell wrote all the songs of this album at a real piano, sitting alone, contemplating in his tiny office. The album takes the listeners through his entire musical past.

“Stevie Cornell” Tracklist

Stevie Cornell is a full-length album with 12 tracks:

  1. If Crying Is A Crime
  2. I Couldn’t Reach You
  3. Sailboat
  4. I’m In A Dream
  5. Hope Came By Today
  6. Black Hole In My Heart
  7. Whispering Wind
  8. A Tune That I Don’t Know
  9. Feet First
  10. Sarah
  11. Over Too Soon
  12. Just A Phase

The album starts off with soul and country-flavored If Crying Is A Crime. The song features drawling guitars and gentle crooning. The second track I Couldn’t Reach You takes the listeners through a journey in an old school country music style.

Stevie Cornell multi-instrumentalist

Sailboat has some jazz undertones, while I’m In A Dream features smooth, slow drums and melodious guitar. Hope Came By Today is slow and steady with tinges of folk.

The aching vocals in Black Hole In My Heart makes you feel the pain of lost love, while Whispering Wind is melancholic yet melodic with jangly guitars. A Tune That I Don’t Know has relaxing drum beats and bass solos.

Feet First is a relatively fast-paced entry with energetic strumming of bass and guitar, while Sarah brilliantly brings all the musical instruments and vocals in unison so perfectly that at places, it sounds as though Cornell is singing in a chorus. Over Too Soon oozes tender warmth with country textures and voice variations.

Just A Phase concludes the album on a note of acceptance, hinting that love is just a phase of life. The song gives examples of a boulder falling in love with a stream (which would soon flow away) and a pine tree falling in love with a bird (which would soon fly away).

Stevie Cornell couples heartbreak and loss with reflection and acceptance. It is poignant, romantic, sad and stirring. Each song in the album is different from others.

More info about Stevie Cornell

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