Album Review: “Three” by Doug Henthorn

Indianapolis, Indiana-based blues rock singer-guitarist Doug Henthorn is all set to release his new album Three on May 6 this year.

Doug Henthorn Three music album

After the release of his first solo Cold Medicine in 2016, Henthorn unfortunately encountered some serious health issues that left him musing over end-of-life scenarios. He wrote a lot of material during this time, but when he recovered, he didn’t feel like releasing it. Instead, he released a fun solo The LLC with a healthy dose of alternative blues. However, with the gloomy situation the world faced with the onset of COVID-19 and the ensuing isolation, Henthorn has decided to add to the material he composed earlier and is releasing it in the form of his forthcoming album.

“Three” Tracklist

Three is Doug Henthorn’s full-length album with 10 tracks, including three covers:

  1. Set Em Up, Throw Em Back, Knock Em Down
  2. Drive
  3. Fate of None
  4. Forewarned and Failing
  5. Wasted Time
  6. Counting Down Every Minute
  7. So Long, Goodbye
  8. The Tourist
  9. Across the Universe
  10. Devil’s Come Home

Drive, Wasted Time and Across the Universe are the covers of the iconic songs by The Cars, Eagles and The Beatles respectively. Henthorn has successfully created masterful versions of these songs.

Henthorn’s vocal delivery is soulful yet bursting with energy as he narrates you the lessons he learned in his hard times. The opening track Set Em Up, Throw Em Back, Knock Em Down is relatively sober and melodic compared to the other tracks in the album.

Henthorn goes all out in tracks like Forewarned and Failing, The Tourist and Devil’s Come Home, in terms of both the vocals and guitars.

Forewarned and Failing Music Video:

So Long, Goodbye is another outstanding track in which brilliant guitars are beautifully complemented by a moving bass line.

Three is a warm and soulful album with a good variety of tracks ranging from mellow and somber to straight up hard rock. It’s a bit on the dark and reflective side, but that doesn’t prevent it from being hopeful and positive. Inspired by artists like Ryan Adams, Anders Osborne, the Tedeschi TrucksBand, Chris Cornell, Tom Petty and Doyle Bramhall II, this is indeed the most honest record from Henthorn till date.

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