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Marketing Music Online?

You know, as a musician, I get extremely frustrated that my two CDs don’t sell worth a hoot.  Seriously, I have sold maybe a couple hundred tracks, and two complete CDs (one of each to some person in Europe), but that’s it!  It’s decent ...Read More

Weezer in Leeds Festival

A friend of mine once told me that Weezer might perform in the upcoming Leeds Festival and Reading Festival. I didn’t know whether I had to be happy. On the one hand, I was overexcited because finally I had a big chance to watch my favorite band ...Read More

Concert Tickets

Who’s on tour? Are they coming to town? Where are they playing? And when? You have  lots of questions in your mind when you hear about any band coming for concert. Concerts in San Diego Lucky for you, San Diego has a lot of ...Read More