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Album Review: “Cosmic Flute Rides Again” by NTHNL

Brooklyn, NY based musician Jacob Rudin a.k.a. NTHNL just released his full-length album “Cosmic Flute Rides Again” that treats the listeners with boundless enthusiasm. As the name suggests, this is a flute-fronted project that beautifully combines jazz, pop and lo-fi. The resulting fusion is ...Read More

Album Review: “Cinematica” by Globus

Acclaimed music composer with world-class film trailers to his credit, Yoav Goren is back with another full-length music album “Cinematica”. It’s no secret that Goren has scored film trailers for some of the top franchises like Spiderman, X-Men and Harry Potter with live orchestras. ...Read More

Album Review: “Novella” by Mr. Grossman

Northern California-based music artist Mark S Grossman, better known as Mr. Grossman, has released a new mini-album “Novella” comprising R&B, Soul and Indy Pop pieces. Grossman is a singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist who has composed a wide variety of music ranging from trip-hop to ...Read More

Single Review: “Doll House” by The Skye Bleu Crew

Bloomingdale, Illinois-based rock band The Skye Bleu Crewjust released their debut single Doll House on all the major streaming platforms. This short and sweet piece of modern country rock showcases the band’s exceptional songwriting skills and their love for simplicity. This endearing song is just ...Read More

Album Review: Stevie Cornell Releases a Self-Titled Album

Santa Rosa, California-based singer-songwriter Stevie Cornell recently launched a new self-titled album under his own label Sonoma-Sonic Records. This acoustic folk release marks his return to music after a hiatus of 20 years. Cornell is aware of the changes in music styles that took place during all ...Read More

Album Review: “Three” by Doug Henthorn

Indianapolis, Indiana-based blues rock singer-guitarist Doug Henthorn is all set to release his new album Three on May 6 this year. After the release of his first solo Cold Medicine in 2016, Henthorn unfortunately encountered some serious health issues that left him musing over end-of-life scenarios. ...Read More

Album Review: “Backyard Astronomy” by Chris Forte

Chicago, Illinois based guitar artist Chris Forte’s latest release Backyard Astronomy is stylistically his most diverse album till now. The massive, 14-track album, which is mostly instrumental, is a powerful mix of rock, jazz, blues, funk, pop, folk and classical. Inspired by artists like ...Read More

EP Review: “Ellis” by 1st Base Runner

After thunderous success of Seven Years of Silence, 1st Base Runner’s recent release Ellis made it to the NACC Radio Top 200 Chart for over 6 weeks in a row. Tim Husmann a.k.a. 1st Base Runner is an Austin, Texas-based singer-songwriter who has mastered the art of weaving ...Read More