Single Review: “Darkness” by RaR


Australia has recently given the world of music a sonic boom with so many new, enthusiastic artists and bands. One of them is their very own RaR, a two member band of Rich and Raymo, who have been buddies since their college days. They have brought their game from dizzying parties to the music industry, giving fans and music aficionados a lot to look forward to. The all new single “Darkness” from RaR is amazingly energetic and powerful. It pulls the right strings, giving a highly emotional burst to the listener.

RaR seems to have a penchant for creating music packed with power, upbeat, and tugs at the very roots of your spirit. With “Darkness”, they have kept the entire song throbbing at a high octane level. RaR’s delivery of such good quality music is no surprise because both Rich and Raymo are highly accomplished musicians. It is evident that Rich’s days from “Splendor in the Grass” and “London’s Greenwood” and Raymo’s experience, despite a long break in between, have paid off. “Darkness” is a single that keeps the energy high and does not let the party die down.

RaR-bandThe tones and strains of different types of music blur into one another, creating a burning hot track. A few seconds in the opening beats, there is an aura of mystery, sinister, and eldritch. All of a sudden, the music starts spinning into pumping beats of a jam-packed electronic dance music piece. The notes continuously change from detached to weighty grooves, and the entire song seems to be a deep concoction of electronic, rock and riffs, with a vicious and vivid instrumental undertone.

“Darkness” is no doubt a wonderfully engineered and carefully constructed piece. But, what really bring the entire song to the fore are the vocals, sung by Elizabeth Robinson, who is already pretty well known for her expertise in soul vocals. Her dominant, rich voice gives “Darkness” a new direction. The song is suddenly more passionate and inspiring with a deep connection.

Robinson’s vocals come to life only after a few seconds of the opening beats and for some time there is a steady rise in the electronic strain, when all at once, the listener finds the notes spiraling, and falling apart, quite slowly. This gradual build-up and then deconstruction of the melodies keep adding more complex levels to the song.

The electro beats are very sharp and clear with every note starkly contrasting yet holding on to some bits and pieces of subtlety. With these quick beats, Robinson’s deep voice is wonderfully showcased and neither the vocals nor the instrumental background score overpower each other in the slightest of measures. “Darkness” might be a foot tapping song but it never loses its grip on the passion and spirit of the music.

It is surprising to believe that “Darkness” is the debut single of the RaR duo. The band members might have had previous experience but “Darkness” is a song that definitely demands more than just that. Rich and Raymo have proved to the world that they have what it takes to make it in the industry. The way they have amped up the music at certain places, and then allowed a smoother note to glide in makes “Darkness” a special song.

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