Single Review: “Don’t Break What You Cannot Fix” by Y. Dan Rubinstein

“Ten wise men cannot fix what one fool breaks,” goes the old adage, and it aptly applies to today’s time, when important decisions are being made without considering their long term consequences, which will then be hard to undo. This concern about the future inspired Y. Dan Rubinstein to write the lyrics of the song “Don’t Break What You Cannot Fix,” the very first single from his debut album “Stolen Moments.” The single is coming out on March 29 this year (just three days to go) whereas the album is planned to be released sometime this summer.

Don't break what you cannot fix - single

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Y. Dan Rubinstein is a singer-songwriter from San Francisco Bay Area, who loves composing traditional folk rock with a mix of complex jazz leads and Latin rhythm, perfect for the lyrics with a political overtone.

There are a lot of examples where actions are taken without properly understanding the issue. Such actions, instead of addressing the problems, make them even worse. For example, wrapping the border walls with barbed wire, making the border towns look like a prison; bailing out of the climate change agreement instead of providing an exemplary leadership for the world to follow; separating families at the border without making proper arrangements for tracking of kids; and so on.

Ironically, people who voted for the government will be the ones to be affected most negatively by such decisions. The lyrics of the song are intentionally written to be between two lovers – one of whom is a narcissist hell-bent on destruction and the other one, attracted by the display of power.

Y. Dan Rubinstein’s musical compositions are good at exploring themes of love, modern relationships, and important social issues. His lyrics are meaningful and contain unique messages, which blend with folky-jazz-rock to create a classic masterpiece.

About Y. Dan Rubinstein

Y. Dan Rubinstein - Singer-Songwriter

As a child, Rubinstein started his musical journey with piano and took up the guitar during his high school days. He continued honing his guitar skills in the college but got completely engrossed with startup and family life after coming out of the college. A few years later, he got inspired to learn violin alongside his five-year-old kid but his wife convinced him to focus his energy on guitar. He then enrolled himself in a local music school and started exploring jazz structures and chord variations.

Rubinstein has since performed at several events and live shows. He is now set to release his debut 9-track album entitled “Stolen Moments,” which will feature a number of acoustic driven pop songs with lyrics exploring various issues relatable to our personal and social life.

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