EP Review: “Elise” by Damon Mitchell

Singer-songwriter-guitarist from Indiana, Damon Mitchell, just released his debut EP entitled “Elise” this month. The six-track album brings to you an interesting mix of 70’s pop rock skillfully created to appeal to the contemporary taste. Despite drawing huge inspiration from the likes of The Beatles, John Mayer, and Death Cab for Cutie, Mitchell gives a unique identity to the album with fine vocals and sweet melodies. Offering a modern approach to old classic music is what makes “Elise” so interesting.

Elise EP by Damon Mitchell

“Elise” Tracklist              

  1. Heist
  2. Just A Face
  3. License Plate
  4. Salo
  5. World In Her Eyes
  6. Elise

“Elise” Music Video

The opening track “Heist” features a catchy rock beat reminiscent of the legendary Beatles. Energetic vocals and melodious piano make the track bright and lively. The classic sounding song with occasional chorus in the background is sung with heart and enthusiasm, making it a solid offering in the soft rock genre.

“Just A Face” is a slow-paced, leisurely ballad with a soft, pulsating beat of organ. Brilliant guitar riffs and perfect drum beats add to the impressive chorus. Mitchell’s meaningful lyrics provide real food for soul in this melancholic song about love and relationship.

“License Plate” is more of folk rock, brought alive with a country beat. Scrumptious fiddling and deft strumming of acoustic guitar chords fills the tune with nostalgic colors. You get to see the real composition and production skills of the team in this cleverly arranged heartwarming song.

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“Salo” gives a seductive vibe as you listen to Mitchell singing in an intimate husky voice, while a soft piano melody follows the track. The melody is deliciously mysterious and there is no way you would not like it.

“World In Her Eyes” creates a relaxed jazzy atmosphere. The flugelhorn sound that traces the track oozes a smooth, calming vibe. It’s kind of a 70’s song with brass and percussive elements you often get to hear in a lounge.

The power-packed track “Elise” closes the album with 70’s retro rock vibe. The lyrics are strong and the guitar gets a somewhat country touch, adding depth to the track. You will also get to enjoy a couple of guitar solos in this song.

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Damon Mitchell collaborated with several other well-known musicians like Charlie McCoy, Tris Imboden, and Dave Martin, among others, for making this EP. “Elise” brings to the fore Mitchell’s creativity and talent in seamlessly mixing different styles into an impressive folk-pop record.

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