EP Review: “The Journey” by Caroline Brennan

Cape Cod, Massachusetts-based singer-songwriter Caroline Brennan is all set to release her new EP “The Journey” toward the next month end (May 2023). Produced by Jon Evans under the label of Zephyr Sound, this exciting Americana EP spreads positivity by giving out a loud and clear message that at the end of every struggle and sadness lies the light of success and joy. The lyrics are honest and revolve around the themes of love, hope and heartache. Brennan has written the songs based on her own life as well as her reflections on others’ experiences.

Caroline Brennan - The Journey

Talking about the collection’s theme, Brennan says that she sees value in both, light and dark, since we can’t truly appreciate the victory without experiencing the struggle. That’s the reason she’s drawn toward writing songs about both sadness and happiness. She feels that having music we can relate to with our sad stuff can give us hope and strength to come out of despair and make sense of our situation. Similarly, happy and uplifting songs are like the light at the end of the tunnel, which tell us that there are so many things in our life we should be grateful for.

“The Journey” is inspired by artists like Brandi Carlile, Kacey Musgraves, Lori McKenna and Sheryl Crow. In addition to writing the songs and lending her voice, Brennan has also played guilele in this project. The EP also features other notable artists like Jon Evans at bass and lap steel guitar, Mark Usher at acoustic and electric guitars and Matthias Bossi at drums and percussion.

“The Journey” Tracklist

This is a five-song EP with the following tracks:

  1. No Longer Blue
  2. Swim To Shore
  3. Break All The Rules
  4. Going Back
  5. Breathe Happy In

The opening song “No Longer Blue” was inspired by an Irish pub and year-round music venue named O’Sheas Olde Inne in Brennan’s place, Cape Cod. This venue is special for Brennan and her husband since it’s associated with their early days of dating relationship. The pub-cum-restaurant attracts music loving tourists 7 days a week with its no-nonsense food and beverages served along with live performances by music artists of all styles and levels. It is this warmth and service the song is referring to when Brennan sings “the band and the bartender know what to do…they play and they pour till we’re no longer blue.”

The second song “Swim to Shore” is about a friend of Brennan who had to go through a divorce. Having to face her husband’s infidelity and substance abuse and realizing that she needed to move on and find someone better for her and her children’s future was indeed difficult. But her courage helped her accept the harsh reality and take a brave decision of finalizing the divorce. The line “I will swim to shore” in the song refers to this hope and confidence of her.

 “Break All The Rules” is based on Brennan’s own life. When she first met her husband, he called her the next day and told her that he decided to break the rule of waiting for 2 days before calling. And that’s the right thing to do, feels Brennan. When you’re sure about starting your life with the special one you’ve just found, there’s no point in waiting merely for the sake of complying with the society’s expectations and dating rules.

The song “Going Back” relates to Brennan’s past relationships and the ones she has seen her friends go through. It’s about the struggle between the heart and the head… when your heart wants the relationship to work but the mind keeps telling that you deserve someone better. “It’s ok to say good-bye when you are in a wrong relationship” is the theme of this song.

The closing track “Breathe Happy In” is again about Cape Cod, the beautiful place where Brennan spent her childhood. This resort town is known for its gorgeous beaches, live music and care-free living. It’s charming round-the-year but becomes even livelier during summers when several million tourists come here to relax, breathe out their worries and “breathe happy in.”

The EP is titled after the journey put together by these five songs… “Going Back” (when you are trying to come out of a wrong relationship), “Swim to Shore” (when you realize that you need to move on), “Breathe Happy In” (a relaxing vacation you need to shed your worries), “No Longer Blue” (the friendly atmosphere when you can enjoy and find a sense of community) and “Break All the Rule” (when you bravely jump into a new relationship).

More Info About Caroline Brennan

Caroline Brennan - Music artist

Caroline Brennan is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. She is the daughter of the well-known Irish musician, Noel Henry. Her music style is described as a unique blend of Americana and rootsy folk-pop. She received several nominations and awards for her debut original album entitled “Leap” released in 2015. The present EP “The Journey” is a collection of five songs, out of which three were released as singles in 2021 and 2022 (“Swim to Shore,” “No Longer Blue” and “Breathe Happy In”) and the remaining two are recently recorded (“Break All the Rules” and “Going Back”).

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