Single Review: “Fall Girl” by Geoff Gibbons

Orchestrated soundtracks by rare gems we call artist can easily change the climate of an otherwise ambient music scene. Vancouver folk rock artist, Geoff Gibbons, is that gem we have been searching for.


“Fall Girl,” is a striking soundscape of unusual colloquialisms, colorful musings, and endearing thoughts. It’s metaphorical but traditional folk music rich in acoustic sounds and perfect vocal presence.


I love the title of the song and how instantly the title coupled with the lyrics evokes dialogue and undoubtably leave the listener to wonder if the title is in unison with the love he is longing for – was she temporary? Were they just two hearts passing in the wind, changing as seasons do? Will she eventually find her way into his heart?

As summer is giving way to autumn, this is the perfect song at the perfect time! Who doesn’t enjoy fall!

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