Album Review: “Fortune Has Turned (Remixed)” by Chris Lastovicka

Chris Lastovicka, best known for her timeless compositions in spiritual and metaphysical realms, is returning with the remixed version of her formidable 2005 album “Fortune Has Turned”, this time with the creative impact of Jeremy Allom, the mix engineer luminary of “Massive Attack” fame and the iconic mastering engineer, Emily Lazar.

Chris Lastovicka - "Fortune Has Turned"

“Fortune Has Turned (Remixed)” is an intense classical instrumental album produced by Chris Lastovicka, under the label, Ahari Press. The five-track album, which will be out in shelves this April, includes Lastovicka’s hypnotic singles “The 7th Chapter of Job” and “The End of Tyranny.”

“Fortune Has Turned (Remixed)” Tracklisting

  1. The 7th Chapter of Job
  2. Abraxas
  3. The Tender Ones
  4. Shanti
  5. The End of Tyranny

The first track “The 7th Chapter of Job” begins with haunting strings and sounds like the background score of a horror movie. The accompanying vocals that kick in after some time add an element of thrill and suspense. The track was released as a single in November last year and was selected for the Amsterdam Lift-Off Film Festival Online 2018.

Brilliant piano and strings in “Abraxas” keep you hooked for over 12 minutes without even making you realize it’s that long. There is an element of mystery, charm, and magic throughout the track. The unsettling ambience keeps you guessing “what’s next?”

The next track “The Tender Ones” is slow and sad. It creates a melancholic environment of tragedy and its aftermath. The track begins with isolated strings followed by random piano keys, and then slowly goes full on piano, which makes it a hypnotizing composition filled with a lot of emotions.

Running for a length of 13 minutes, “Shanti” is the longest track of the album. It begins more like a trill and connotes a certain sense of urgency… as though you are participating in a strenuous race or are in a hurry to reach somewhere. And how do you feel after reaching the finish line or after getting to your destination? The last two minutes of the track just give you that feel.

“The End of Tyranny” closes the album on a romantic note by announcing a new beginning after all the suffering and loneliness comes to an end. As can be seen in the accompanying music video, the track is evocative, poignant, and achingly beautiful. Masterful combination of cellos, French horn, and other instruments makes this track extraordinary.

“The End of Tyranny” Music Video

“Fortune Has Turned (Remixed)” is yet another example of Lastovicka’s phenomenal work. Music lovers across genres are bound to love it. And if classic horror is your bag, there is no way you should miss it!

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