CD Review: “Hot Damn Romance” by Eva Schubert

After phenomenal success of her previous two albums “Songs for a Ladies Man” and “Borderless Sky,” Vancouver, Canada-based singer/songwriter Eva Schubert is back with her new EP “Hot Damn Romance.” Inspired by great jazz artists like Leonard Cohen, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Sade, and Jill Barber, this new CD features distinct vintage texture in Eva’s typical unique style. Thoughtful lyrics and effortless guitar without any contemporary production elements make “Hot Damn Romance” a truly old school jazz presentation. It’s in fact real musicians playing live in a studio that’s been translated into a CD.

Eva Schubert - Hot Damn Romance

Hot Damn Romance Track List

  1. Flying High
  2. Brawler
  3. Hot Damn Romance
  4. Sweet Man
  5. Water

Light and breezy “Flying High” kicks off the album with a carefree mood, perfect for a summer afternoon by the sea. The song talks about letting go of things, giving up worries, and living life to the fullest. Complementing Eva’s blissful vocals are Mark Hundervad’s gentle drum beats and Alexander Brown’s warm trumpet.

Following next is a funky jazz track “Brawler,” sizzling with trumpet, guitar, and of course, Eva’s sweet sassy vocals brimming with attitude. Although second in order, this grooving number, accompanied with an official video, seems to be the first hit from the CD.

Brawler Official Video

The title track “Hot Damn Romance” comes third in the EP. Eva makes her way directly to the heart of the listeners with her bewitching tone and sensuality. The next track “Sweet Man” too continues to cast the magic of her voice. It’s an energetic track with bright vocals, grooving horn section, and pleasant percussion rift.

The soft and lovely track “Water” makes a perfect closer. Eva creates a dreamy atmosphere with her breathy vocals. Just like water, it replenishes you with freshness and energy.

Eva’s rich and alluring voice makes “Hot Damn Romance” stand out from other regular jazz albums. All the songs in the CD are original, bold, and expressive.

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