Album Review: “Isolated Thunderstorms” by Jared Weiss

Released on May 21, 2018, “Isolated Thunderstorms” portrays the bold showmanship of Jared Weiss with his beautiful style of personalized storytelling and soulful lyrics. All the songs in this Rock and Roll album are unchained and orchestrated out of Jared Weiss’ theatrical experience.


“Isolated Thunderstorm” Track Listing

There are 11 tracks in the album:

  1. Isolated Thunderstorms
  2. Annalu (From Monterrey)
  3. Get Out Of My Head
  4. Not Everything That Dies Grows Old
  5. Can’t Remember Your Name
  6. Isolated Thunderstorms II
  7. Julia
  8. Almost All Of Me
  9. Saving Tomorrow (For You)
  10. Darling, Reni
  11. Elusive Particle

The album starts with the title song filled with energy and with ample dash of classic rock. It’s all about a girl lighting up his world in a special way called ‘Isolated Thunderstorm’. The song has a feel of rock and baffling lyrics. The revitalizing sound of guitar makes the song so loud.


“Annalu” has the touch of harmonica in it. The song is about a girl called ‘Annalu’ whose puzzling ways draw his attention. There is a lot of seducing sound of Spanish guitar in the song. It is basically a ballad of love. The classic feel of rock and roll along with the sweet sounds of harmonica glorifies it.

The stimulating piano puts a lot of energy into the track “Get out of my head”. The vocals sung with a unique clarity show the theatrics of Jared Weiss.

“Not everything that dies grows old” is about a man putting in his efforts to regain his lady love. In order to achieve this and since there is hardly any time, he tries to take some drastic steps. The rejuvenating sounds of the harmonica are the milestones in this track.

A soulful guitar dominates the song “Can’t remember your name”. The track has a catchy feel with the trace of bongos.

“Isolated thunderstorms II” has a retro feel and abundance of piano. The song is sure to fill a dazzling, cheerful memory in your head for several days to come.

The togetherness of the sounds emanating from the electric guitar, drums, and bass elevates the track “Julia” into a different world of music. The energy from percussions fills the song with classic rock animation.

“Almost all of me” renders Weiss’ vocals with undertones of sadness through the sounds of piano. It is about how life delivers surprises and tragedy.

The track “Saving tomorrow (for you)” is a classic rock, which mesmerizes with the amalgamation of rhythmic sounds of piano, drums, bass, and electric guitar and an air of urgency.

A folk feel filled with the smoothness and melodious harmonica rejuvenates the song “Darling Reni”. The stunning sound of the acoustic guitar supplements the vocals of Jared Weiss.

“Elusive Particle”, the last track in the album, narrates the philosophy of how our bodily pieces collide with the universe when we move out of this world. The classic guitar along with the vocal harmonics makes the song contagious.

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