Album Review: “It’s Time” by Rose Ann Dimalanta Trio

Now that Rose Ann Dimalanta Trio’s debut album is out, it’s time to feel the music with your soul rather than listen to it with your ears. “It’s Time” strikes a perfect balance between funk, jazz, and soul. The seamless blending of different genres without sounding disconnected anywhere in the record speaks volumes about the immense talent and versatility of this musical threesome. Irrespective of whether you are a music lover or not, “It’s Time” makes a soulful listen for everyone.

It's Time-Rose Ann Dimalanta Trio

“It’s Time” Track List

  1. Forever Day By Day
  2. 10 Miles to Empty
  3. Dinner For One
  4. Seven Days
  5. Happily’s Never After
  6. Measure of A Man
  7. Truly Love Someone
  8. Latin Soul
  9. Miles
  10. No Goodbyein’
  11. Mad Run
  12. That’s All

The album opens with the lively “Forever Day By Day” track. Slow drumming, funky bassline, and Dimalanta’s sultry vocals make it the perfect music for your soul. The next track “10 Miles to Empty” is a stylish number with minimalist approach. It features superb vocal riffing amidst clacking percussion and soft synth pads.

Video: First Look at “It’s Time”

“Dinner For One” is an extremely calm track with soft piano and traditional vocals. “Seven Days” is an instrumental with straight forward synth presence. It somewhat reminds you of 80’s and 90’s jazz fusion. “Happily’s Never After” presents a strong sense of urgency with harmonious piano sounds and soaring synths.

“Measure Of A Man” is a melancholic, piano-based ballad. Several different emotions flow in when Dimalanta’s somber vocals accompany the piano, with an elegant touch of strings. “Truly Love Someone” is a solid track with synthesized brass, soft drums, melodious piano, and of course, the graceful vocals.

“Latin Soul” is again an instrumental. Just like in “Seven Days,” there are no vocals, but it gives a fiery twist to the otherwise relaxed jazzy vibes of the record until now. “Miles” is a beautiful track that combines soulful piano with smooth jazz rift. Inviting lyrics delivered in an enticing voice are sure to soothe your ears.

“No Goodbyein’” is distinctly funky, reminiscent of early 90’s RnB. You get a new feel each time you listen to this power-packed, energetic track. “Mad Run” is slow and melodious with relaxing soundscape.

“That’s All,” with all its simplicity, gives the perfect ending to the record. With touching lyrics being sung in a longing voice against a melancholic backdrop, this song is more likely to run in an autoplay mode in the back of your mind long after you finish listening to the track.

To sum up, “It’s Time” is a memorable record where each track comes alive with its own texture. It’s a culmination of years of experience and knowledge of three talented professional musicians, who came together to create memorable moments for their audience.

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