Single Review: “Let It All Krumble” by Lyndol Descant

Texas-based singer-songwriter Lyndol Descant is here with her new single “Let It All Krumble”. Similar to the styles of Norah Jones and Dave Matthews, this jazz/pop release is accompanied by a meaningful music video that gives expression to the struggle of the artists and creative professionals in today’s money-centric system.

Let it all krumble-Lyndol Descant

The video features actor/comedian Lawson Leong in the lead role along with actress/dancer Erel Pilo, John Chiro and Lyndol Descant. The song was filmed on the Gowanus Canal, Brooklyn on the vision developed by the award-winning film-maker Eric Norcross of “Death and Life” fame.

It opens with an artist getting dejected because his paintings were rejected by an arts gallery. He collects all his paintings in a garbage bag and moves on to throw them away in the river. On the way, he passes a man with his muses dancing to the music. As he gets to the river, he gives up the idea of throwing away his valuable pieces in the river. Instead, he leaves the bag on the sidewalk and walks away. Lyndol Descant, who watches this, comes up and looks through the bag. She picks up the paintings and brings them back seemingly to return them to the artist.

“Let It All Krumble” Music Video

It really hurts when someone rejects your piece of creativity just because it may not generate a good amount of profit. Descant sends out a strong message to let go of such corrupted system where an artist’s success is valued in terms of money because art and creativity are far beyond what money can buy.

The music is jazzy and upbeat. The lyrics are euphoric. The song fills you with hope and energy. It encourages you to be happy and enjoy your life even if nothing seems to work out as expected because everything would be alright one day.

About Lyndol Descant

Lyndol Descant is a Texas-based singer, songwriter and pianist. Her musical style is unique and uplifting. She is a philosopher and student of metaphysics, which reflects in her music through in-depth love and wisdom. She studied jazz piano and composition in Paris and taught music full-time in New York City. Her music uplifts the listeners to a better state of mind.

Although her main focus is on music, she has an active passion for all forms of creative expressions. She uses the power of creativity to bestow peace and love upon this world and “Let It All Krumble” is one more sincere effort in this direction.

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