Music Video Review: “Mirror” by Nonviolenze

Houston, Texas-based singer-songwriter Shri Baratan a.k.a. Nonviolenze recently released a stellar music video for the song “Mirror” from his ambitious debut album ‘Ghosts of War’. The song cautions us against detrimental qualities like anger, hatred, jealousy, lust and greed, and asks us to do a self-analysis on whether we are embodying any of them.

Mirror Music Video - Nonviolenze

The lyrics are powerful and thought provoking. The artist considers the entire cosmos as a mirror that reflects our body, mind and feelings. The cosmic mirror knows our innermost feelings and we cannot hide anything from it. Whatever we perceive is our own reflection. What we get back depends on what feelings we radiate and what vibrations our mind sends out. If you give love, you get back love. If you display fear, it comes back as vampires.

The cosmos continuously aligns the field of feelings to bring together similar characters. If you are happy, you attract happy people around you. If you are angry, you are destined to associate with angry people. Such a wonderful thing this cosmic mirror is! What’s inside you comes to you in the outside world!

“Mirror” Music Video

The “Mirror” music video features Baratan passionately strumming the guitar as he performs the song with a mesmerizing gusto. The tune encompasses a unique blend of vocal ranges, enthralling tempos and intriguing sound effects. If you like listening to Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, John McLaughlin and Al Jarreau, you would love Baratan’s signature progressive rock performance in “Mirror”.

About the Artist

Shri Baratan a.k.a. Nonviolenze

Shri Baratan is a multi-talented music artist from Houston, Texas. He performs under the moniker ‘Nonviolenze’ and is known for his complex yet melodious chord structures. Baratan founded Ahimsa Creations, a music production company in 2012. ‘Nonviolenze’ is a trademark of Ahimsa Creations.

‘Nonviolenze’ uses music, art and poetry to express the challenges confronting the humanity. He released his debut album ‘Ghosts of War’ in October 2020. In addition to “Mirror”, other tracks of this album include “Queen”, “Tree”, “Ghosts of War”, “Matrix”, “Electron”, “Van Gogh”, “Purity” and “Last Thought”.

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