Music Review: “Tricks of Life Medley” by Dave Vamfer

After publishing his first album Find The Sound in 2020, UK-based rock/pop artist Dave Vamfer will be soon releasing a new album. To give listeners a sneak peek at his forthcoming album, he recently rolled out a teaser in the form of a medley entitled Tricks of Life Medley. The current release is a medley of 3 tracks – Tricks of Life, You Need A Little Kick (to move on) and A Bit of What You Fancy.

Dave Vamfer-Tricks of LIfe Medley

Tricks of Life is a song about disappointments we face in our lives. It’s about things we hope to get but finally realize that we can’t. The song You Need A Little Kick (to move on) is about the times when something keeps you moving, albeit uncomfortably. A Bit of What You Fancy reminds the listeners that sometimes it’s essential to treat oneself.

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The songs are reflective and thought-provoking. The vocals and lyrics ooze the optimism you usually find in Paul McCartney’s songs. The session musicians have done a brilliant job, especially those on the organ and saxophone. The uplifting melodies and jangly guitars beautifully complement Vamfer’s soft and calming sound.

About Dave Vamfer

Dave Vamfer is the stage name of David Reggie Phillips. Dave was born in London and is currently settled in Folkestone, Kent, UK. He is a singer-songwriter who aims at making music that’s engaging, enjoyable and timeless.

Dave takes an organic approach to songwriting. He starts with a line and builds on it based on what he wants to say and how the song should feel like. He then uses his instinct to find a suitable melody and spends weeks or even longer further refining the composition. He’s usually open to using any musical style that suits his songs well, including rock, blues, jazz, EDM, hip-hop, salsa, samba, reggae, light and bluegrass.

Dave has been playing guitar since his teenage. Even before leaving his school, he joined a rock band as a bass guitarist. He later became the lead singer and guitarist in Gallop, a musical ensemble based out of London. After the disintegration of Gallop, he mostly performed as a solo artist, occasionally teaming up with other musicians for live concerts. He has now taken early retirement from live performances and is fully focused on writing and recording quality music.

More info about Dave Vamfer

Dave Vamfer - Music Artist

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