Album Review: ‘Open Sesame Vol 1: Her Dress’ by Barista

Istanbul-based Rock artist Bahadır Han Eryılmaz a.k.a. BARISTA recently released the first volume of his new monumental album ‘Open Sesame’. The album is Barista’s experiment across different genres including classic rock, heavy prog, mystic alternative, bold world music and dense psychedelic vibrations, ultimately culminating into impressive Rock. The complete album is scheduled for release in 5 volumes and has a total of 26 songs. The present release, Volume 1 of the album is titled ‘Her Dress’ and has 7 songs.

Barista-Open Sesame vol 1 Her Dress

‘Open Sesame’ is Barista’s third album after ‘Daydream’ in 2014 and ’57’ in 2016. It took Barista three long years of hard work to record 39 songs, out of which 26 are planned to be featured in this album. The songs are inspired by his own life incidents and those of others, while the music reflects an influence of great artists like Toto, Journey, Supertramp and The Alan Parsons Project. In terms of lyrics, the themes of the songs are based more on individual inner worlds rather than on pop culture.

Produced under the label of Monoplay Records, this impressive classic rock album brings together some of the most talented music artists, including Simon Phillips on drums, Jesse Siebenberg on keys and guitars, Brian Duffy in vocals and Barista himself on drums, percussion, keys and backing vocals. With raw and liberating, authentic music, Barista is dedicated to bringing back vibe to music.

‘Open Sesame Vol 1: Her Dress’ Tracklist

  1. Circular Lives
  2. Her Dress
  3. Disco Sun
  4. In a Dream
  5. Watching the End Begin, Part 1 (Coffee Song)
  6. Walk in My Shoes
  7. Be Mine

The album opens with “Circular Lives” with an interesting siren-like sound. Bluesy guitars roll into rhythmic drumming as soulful vocals make the lyrics even more pleasing to the ears. The second song “Her Dress” is equally robust in terms of sonic energy. The drumming is distinct and fuses beautifully with keys and guitars.

Watch the lyric video for lead track “Circular Lives”:

The third track “Disco Sun” clearly stands out in the collection. It starts with an amazing drum shuffle and features a cool guitar solo. The female vocalist sets the lyrics on fire with her luscious voice. The highly energetic, fast beat will make you tap your feet or even make you want to get up and dance.

“In a Dream” has a rippling, contagious flow. Barista’s vocals are likely to ignite your own memories as he fondly remembers his journey. “Watching the End Begin, Part 1 (Coffee Song)” pulls you in with its raspy vocals and a driving beat. Jesse Siebenberg’s rousing guitar solo deserves a special mention in the song.

“Walk in My Shoes” is gentler and shifts the album to a lower gear. The stunning female vocals mellow you out and turn you pensive. The album closes with mid-tempo “Be Mine”. The vocals again leave you speechless as the song creates a shimmering, dreamy atmosphere, reaching out to your heart and soul.

Barista and his team of talented artists have undoubtedly pushed the boundaries. ‘Open Sesame Vol. 1: Her Dress’ is definitely worth a listen, perhaps on loop!

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