Album Review: “Quiet Stories” by Riccardo Chiarion

After investing considerable time in perfecting his original compositions, Italian jazz artist Riccardo Chiarion is finally here with his contemporary jazz, solo guitar album “Quiet Stories”. Produced under the label of Drawnmusic, this special 10-track instrumental album is highly inspired by Bill Evans, Kenny Wheeler, Pat Metheny and Ralph Towner, whom Chiarion considers as his musical heroes.

Riccardo Chiarion - Quiet Stories

“Quiet Stories” Tracklist

  1. Delicato
  2. Green
  3. Hidden Blues
  4. Sentimentale
  5. Your Lives
  6. Piccoli Passi
  7. Meetings
  8. Again
  9. Fields And Sky
  10. Silence

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Riccardo Chiarion always wanted to record a solo guitar album and was impatiently waiting for the right moment. He spent considerable time in practicing his compositions and understanding how to express the meaning of his music with the right types of sounds. The time, sincerity and efforts put in by Chiarion are clearly visible in the album. All the 10 tracks display a supreme example of striking a perfect balance between different components of music, namely melody, harmony, dynamics and rhythm.

Chiarion brilliantly improvises over the structure and underlines it with chords and bass notes to create links with melodic motifs. You will find both, easy-seeming melodies as well as complex harmonies, in this album.

“Quite Stories” is also available on YouTube

About the Artist

Riccardo Chiarion has collaborated with many popular Italian and international jazz artists, such as G. Venier, K. Gesing, C. Laurence and M. France, to name a few. Way back in 1998, he brought together double bassist R. Franceschini and drummer-percussionist L. Colussi to form the trio COLUSSI-FRANCESCHINI-CHIARION. He is also a founding member of “Big Band of Friuli-Venezia Giulia”.

Chiarion has performed live in numerous jazz festivals, including “Padova Porche Jazz Festival 2007″, “Siena Jazz 2006-2007” and “International October Festival of Jazz 2003-2005″. He won the National Prize of the Arts organized by M.I.U.R. in 2004. He has also recorded several original CDs in collaboration with other artists; for example, “Mosaico” in 2012 and “Waves” in 2014.

Chiarion is also a jazz guitar teacher at Trieste “Giuseppe Tartini” Conservatory and artistic director of Gorizia Jazz Workshop. Now that he is through with his dream project “Quiet Stories”, he now wants to travel to different countries, share his work with as many people as possible and get inspiration from the emotional response he receives.

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