Reading Festival TICKETS

reading-festival-ticketsTickets for the Reading Festival are guaranteed to sell out in minutes of when they go on sale (as yet unconfirmed for 2009 – but check back for details as soon as it is announced), so where – but more importantly when – should you get your tickets?

Well, the official outlets are the only place that endorse – these are TicketMaster, SeeTickets, Ticketline & Gigantic.

The problem with these is that they will sell out in minutes, and from experience the websites all seem to crash under the demand when they do actually go on sale.  So, what can you do to make sure that you get ahold of your tickets?  The best thing to do, as antiquated as it sounds is make sure that you are there online at least twenty minutes in advance and as it gets closer to the official onsale time, make sure that you press refresh every minute so that when they do become available you can get your place in the queue.

What happens if you DONT get tickets? Well – thats the million dollar question, that more often than not ends up in disappointment Im afraid to say.  Whatever you do, DONT buy tickets on eBay or an unofficial website as you are almost sure to be disappointed.  Last year around 5,000 people bought tickets on a scam site, each paying hundreds of pounds and each and every one of them were scammed out of their money.

Closer to the time we will be reviewing each of the sites where you are guaranteed to get tickets – and posting links to the exact pages where you can get tickets from.

Please bookmark this site NOW and come back frequently, especially over the next few weeks as we will be profiling different places you can get tickets in the near future!