Album Review: ‘Revelation’ by Lara Taubman

The inner nudge was so strong that the New York-based Lara Taubman travelled all the way to Wolfe Island Records, Canada to record her debut album Revelation. The nine-track folk-Americana album with a unique blend of bluegrass, country and classic rock features Taubman’s haunting lyrics and effortless singing that is sure to win your heart and ears, especially if you have been listening to the likes of Alice Smith, Joni Mitchell, Gillian Welch and Steve Earle.

Lara Taubman Revelation

Just like Taubman uses her music as alchemy to heal emotional pain and trauma, the melodious tracks of this album will help the listeners revitalize their soul.

‘Revelation’ Tracklist

  1. Sound of Heartbreak
  2. Desert Boy
  3. The Conversation
  4. Akureyri
  5. Heartbreak Garden
  6. Hookup
  7. Cold Side of Spring
  8. Snakes in the Snow
  9. Revelation

The album opens with a warm track “Sound of Heartbreak,” which talks about bittersweet moments of breakups. Amidst gripping guitars, mandolins and violins, Taubman gives a powerful message through her melancholic lyrics and solemn voice that you can use such painful moments positively to emotionally purge yourself. This empowering, soft folk track gives you strength and courage to move on in life.

Lara Taubman

The next song “Desert Boy” is a jazzy, romantic ballad with calm piano and sultry vocals. Taubman fondly remembers her love and is sure to get him back one day. “The Conversation” is another beautiful romantic song, which talks about catching up with a friend after a long time. Gentle piano and delicate drums support the longing vocals.

“Akureyri” is a mellow song about lost love. Amidst beautiful mandolin, Taubman’s vocals seem to be coming directly from her heart. “Heartbreak Garden” is an emotional account of love and lost time. The energetic guitar strumming makes Taubman’s voice even more beautiful.

All of a sudden, “Hookup” changes the atmosphere with a powerful bass and funky beat. The haunting vocals give a psychedelic effect to the track. “Cold Side of Spring” is a compelling song with brilliant violin and steady drums.

“Snakes in the Snow” has very subtle music, in fact so subtle at times that you can barely hear it. Lasting for over six minutes, this longest track of the album goes on to prove that Taubman’s lyrics and voice are enough to get the listeners hooked, even without any supporting music.

The title track “Revelation” gives a powerful closing to the album with soothing guitar and distinct vocals. This classic folk song with soft and subtle music carries an inspirational message that people can be redeemed.

Revelation is a bold album where Taubman sings her heart out effortlessly without restricting herself to any particular genre. Each track in the album has a unique feel.

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