Single Review: “Ride Or Die” by BEEA

BEEA’s sultry soulful style feels so fresh on the powerful “Ride Or Die”. Vocals serve as the very heart and center of it all. With a timeless sort of classic rock and funk, the whole piece has a living breathing quality to it. Defiance helps to inform the entirety of the piece while it builds up in a most satisfying way.


Akin to a literal force of nature, when the entire arrangement bursts forth in a tremendous bloom of color, the many layers of sound reflect upon an element of independence, a discovery of the self. Layer upon layer come into the mix, never moving too quickly, taking their time in coming into the mix.


Delicate guitar work introduces the track, setting the tone. The groove comes into place with such a subtle grace. By the time BEEA’s voice comes into the fray, the track truly begins. Her delivery has a great passion to it as the entirety of the song becomes truly inspiring, letting the whole of the work feel so soothing and reassuring.

By keeping the sound to the essentials, the rhythm gains a particular poignancy, one that grows even tenderer. Percussion ensures this feeling continues since the way the nimbleness reigns supreme gives center stage to the whole piece. For the final, BEEA lets everything loose, resulting in a lush, multifaceted finale.

About the Artist

BEEA is a U.S. based singer and songwriter. She gave her first onstage performance at the age of 5. Her music reflects her passionate personality and sends across a message of strength and resilience to take on the challenges life throws at you.

“Ride Or Die” shows off BEEA’s impressive storytelling abilities, with a song that has a true sense of poetry.