EP Review: “Scars & Wounds” by Andy the Crocodile

After seven long years in the making, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from India, Andy The Crocodile, is finally releasing his debut EP “Scars & Wounds” on June 8. Written and produced by Andy, this progressive pop EP artfully combines indie folk, 40’s jazz and 70’s rock ‘n’ roll into a versatile CD of four unique tracks inspired by the legends like The Beatles, Jason Mraz, The Fray, and The Frames.

“Scars & Wounds” Track List

  1. Hope
  2. Sleep Well My Child
  3. The Whammy Girl
  4. Just Another Love Song
  5. The Whammy Girl (RadioEdit)

The music brings alive the memories of Jimmy Page’s guitar jolts, barbershop quartet’s rich harmonies, and Glen Hansard’s tender tunes. Yet, each track in the album is unique in itself. According to Andy, all the four songs of “Scars & Wounds” are about those people in life that you never outgrow but carry with you as a mark on your soul. The memories of these people echo through your reveries and give you a feeling as though you are being touched by an angel.

About the Artist

Andy the Crocodile

Andy (born Anand Manivannan) hails from Chennai, India. He is the grandson of S.R.D. Vaidyanathan, a revered Nadaswaram player (Nadaswaram is a traditional double reed wind instrument). Andy developed his musical skills through formal training and YouTube tutorials. Although he started his artistic journey with Indian classical music and Carnatic singing, he soon realized that he was made for Western music and began exploring western rock and indie. In 2018, he graduated from California College of Music, Los Angeles.

While recording the guitar solo in “The Whammy Girl,” Andy borrowed a pick from his friend. The pick was emblazoned with the Dunlop alligator, and Andy mistook it for a crocodile. This is how he found his moniker.

“Scars & Wounds” is his noble attempt to introduce his unique blend of indie, rock, jazz, and folk music to the world. Music video for “Hope,” the first single from the album, will premiere on June 1st and the EP will be out on June 8th on all the major digital platforms.

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