Shihori Releases Music Videos for Her Singles “Soul Trip” and “Perfect Imperfection”

Pop singer Shihori recently released music videos for her singles “Soul Trip” and “Perfect Imperfection”. Carrying out professional videoshoots during COVID-19 was indeed a challenging task. Maybe that was the reason she teamed up with some talented professionals for the “Perfect Imperfection” video, a substantial part of which was shot underwater. The other video for “Soul Trip” was still self-produced by her. If you love listening to the likes of Sia, Kate Bush, Bjork, Goldfrapp and Tori Amos, you should not miss out on these songs.

“Soul Trip”

“Soul Trip” is a melodious pop piece where Shihori talks about going on a soul trip to another universe. Shihori’s emotionally charged vocals along with foot-tapping beats and hypnotic synths make you want to sing along with her.

Shihori Soul Trip

Based on Shihori’s own life experience, the song sends out a message to invoke the power of music and positivity as a means to de-stress yourself in times of negativity. Shihori has beautifully crafted this light yet profound message in the form of a glittery video that presents her in a colorful makeup.

Right from lyrics to hair makeup and styling to direction, cinematography and editing, Shihori did it all herself, and this helped her change the chaotic situation of COVID-19 pandemic into a positive creation.

“Soul Trip” Music Video:

“Perfect Imperfection”

“I never never wanna be ashamed of who I am… Living on the earth, I’m part of it and nothing lacks… Who will be with you forever? Isn’t that yourself? You should know you have the perfect imperfection…” Thus go the lyrics of this wonderful song that inspire the listener to accept oneself in entirety with all one’s imperfection.

Shihori Perfect Imperfection

The fact that this message of self-acceptance comes from someone like Shihori, who overcame multiple disabilities and struggles in her own life, makes the song even more meaningful.

Shihori has never tried to hide her disabilities like dwarfism, Asperger syndrome and partial deafness. Even in the video, she shows her ear and the scar on her thigh while referring to ‘older scars’ in the song. It was indeed a big decision she took, maybe because she wanted to encourage the audience.

The video shows Shihori floating in the water like a fetus in the womb, which develops as the song progresses. She finally comes out on the surface in full bloom, thus representing a beautiful transition from the trapped past to the colorful present. Shihori’s joyful dance in the beautiful nature matches the powerful vocals and vibrant music of the song.

“Perfect Imperfection” Music Video:

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