Single Review: “My Revolution” (feat. Taras Kuznetzov) by Red Bird Rising

Musician, songwriter, producer Diedrich Donald Weiss a.k.a. Red Bird Rising is ready with his new song “My Revolution” along with an official music video. “My Revolution” is an intense love song and a strong anti-war statement made on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The making of this project involved a tremendous amount of collaboration with a team of talented artists from different places including Colombia, Argentina, the United States and Ukraine. The song features Ukranian husband and wife duo Taras Kuznetsov and Ana Pshokina on lead vocals and bass respectively.

Red Bird Rising My Revolution

 “My Revolution” is Weiss’s answer to the inner question confronted by ordinary civilians as to what they could do during this life-threatening situation when all they could see around them was horror, blood, soldiers, guns, tanks and missiles. That being said, it’s important to note that this song is not about the battle. Instead, it’s about a man stuck against a force dominating his life and dreams, and this man is none other than 32-year old Taras Kuznetsov, a freelance vocalist, musician and producer living in Odessa, the port city of Ukraine. Since Taras is the subject and the lead vocalist of the song, Weiss wrote the lyrics visualizing himself in Taras’s place.

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“My Revolution” Official Music Video:

The accompanying music video was filmed in Odessa in Ukraine during the times of war defying the threats of bombing by Russian missiles. The music video features the real scene of March 2022, barely one-and-a-half months of the first intrusion by the Russian forces. The opening scene of the video was shot from inside Taras’s apartment in Odessa and features the alarm sirens ricocheting off the buildings in the otherwise silent night.

When the external world is beyond one’s control, the anthemic chorus “my revolution begins in my world within” motivates the listeners to look internally within self for strength and stability.

“Good, good they haven’t yet bombed my home, but I can not go out, so I rule my own house, work like a bee in honeycomb,” goes the second verse, inspiring the listeners to contribute their humble bit in their own unique way at the individual level.

In the third pre-chorus, Taras and his wife Ana can be seen in their studio working on music as Taras sings, “I can’t just go along, I can’t just sing this song.”

Most of the well-informed civilians are aware of the atrocities perpetrated in the occupied cities but are finding themselves helpless, unable to decide how to respond to the situation. Melina Acune beautifully expresses this tension through her exquisite dance sequences.

As the song progresses, Taras talks about the person that matters most to him. “If it wasn’t for you, you are enough, my love,” he sings. His wife Ana, also the bass guitarist for the song, chose to stay with him instead of fleeing to neighboring countries. Music is what keeps them together and helps them contend and thrive.

“My Revolution” is the first Red Bird Rising release. A sense of great urgency prevailed throughout the production of the music and video.

No music samples were used in this project. All performances are by instrumentalists. Diedrich Donald Weiss wrote the lyrics for the song and co-produced it along with Mariano Cukierman. Mariano also did mixing and played electric guitar, acoustic guitar, synth keyboard and electric piano & organ. Taras Kuznetsov is the lead vocalist while the backing vocals are by Diedrich Donald Weiss. Other contributing artists include Ana Pshokina at bass guitar, Fernando Moreno at drums, Eleanor Norton at cello and Megan Gould at string arrangement, violin and viola. Mastering is done by Pablo Peyrano and Greg Reierson.

Credits for the video include Diedrich Donald Weiss (production, direction, writing and editing), Taras Kuznetsov (direction, writing and acting), Flor Giardino (direction, editing and color), Mariano Cukierman (video music mixing), Pablo Peyrano(video music mastering), Greg Reierson (video music mastering), Ana Pshokina (acting) and Melina Ascune (dance & choreography).

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