Spines of the Heart: Here Comes an Exciting, 2-Disc Album by Bryan Deister

Spines of the Heart

This exciting album from Bryan Deister, Spines of the Heart, is made up of music that is going to speak to the deepest parts of your personality and give you a relatable message while also giving you a good beat to keep your toes tapping. It’s all about connection… the idea of looking into yourself and sharing the messages that we are often too afraid of glancing at.

Deister digs down deep and shows off his personal and honest side for the world to see so that we can all access those same parts of ourselves. What does that sound like, you ask? It’s the perfect combination of Rock, Electronic with just the smallest hint of Jazz tones. Putting all those together gives you an intriguing and captivating sound that you can’t help but instantly love.

Spines of the Heart is all about pushing boundaries and creating a sound that you will never forget, and every song is a raging success in that respect. The best part is that each piece is unique in its message as well as its delivery. From the haunting minor chords in “Approaching” to the stimulating beat in “All That I Have”, you are going to get a sound experience that will change the way you look at music forever.

Specifically speaking, Spines of the Heart, is meant to break all of those boundaries for good so that you can go into each second of each song in this impressive album and see the heart of music for what it really is. With the music classification all over the place, it’s clear that Deister is not afraid to make his own path while the rest of the world watches in shock and varying opinions.

Bryan Deister

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Deister has never believed in following anyone else’s footsteps, which is why he has never looked into doing covers of any band, as much as he may have enjoyed their music himself. He has always been the one for writing and composing every second of his songs so that he knows the message he is sharing with the world is honest and his alone. He also has an impressive trend of recording every element of his CD, the various vocal tracks and every single instrument. As if that isn’t enough, he also mixed the CD himself and even did the cover himself. The only outsourcing that Deister did was the mastering, which was done by Bernie Grundman.

If you are looking for the true professional in the world of musicians, Bryan Deister is sure not to disappoint. But wait, there’s more. Spines of the Heart is a result of the fantastic education that he is being given throughout his life. Studying at the Berklee College of Music, Deister is focusing on music composition and song writing so that he is able to give his fans even more. He is entirely focused on working and to keep his well-earned Writing and Composition Scholarship. His goal, after his education is complete, is to keep bringing unique and interesting music to the forefront and make his career dreams come true in this way.

Already making waves on a big scale, Deister’s album was awarded the “Best Alternative Rock Album” at the 2016 Akademia Awards. The world is now anxiously waiting to see what he comes up with after completing his extensive education.

If you are getting more curious about what his songs actually sound like, you can look for a blend that is similar to that of Thom Yorke or Kurt Cobain with just enough unique flair and you’ll be addicted to this haunting, experimental music in no time. There is no question that Deister is not about to let the rules hem him in when it comes to creating and producing music, and this album is just one of the many that fans are looking forward to.

Already released digitally on 22nd Dec 2015, this album is still in the process of being released in physical form. You can find it at all of your favorite spots. Whether you thought you were into Electronic music or not, we guarantee that you will love to listen to this CD, admire the honesty in the music, and find something worth cheering for.

Go ahead and embrace the haunting part of our personality and take some peace in knowing that you have found the perfect music to allow yourself to explore that part of yourself and connect with a musician who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Bryan Deister’s Spines of the Heart will inspire you in many ways, including the fact that all rules – especially those in boundaries – can be broken with stellar results.

Spines of the Heart Production:

  • Music, Lyrics, Instrumentation, Vocals, Cover, Recorded and Mixed by Bryan Deister
  • Mastering by Bernie Grundman

Spines of the Heart Tracklisting:

  • All that I have
  • Responding well
  • In her eyes
  • Have you
  • Silent screams
  • Approaching
  • Brighter dawn
  • Into the sky
  • Gone
  • Come
  • Today
  • Nobody angel
  • Wait
  • Emily
  • What you want
  • The bread
  • Always further
  • Seven eight
  • Nothing more
  • Sure
  • Vacant eyes
  • Apart of me

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