EP Review: “Sueños de Luna y Mar” by DDLO

Latin Jazz phenomenon DDLO recently released their four track EP, “Sueños de Luna y Mar” on August 15th, 2018. This extremely emotive and passionate album is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.


“Sueños de Luna y Mar” Tracklisting

  1. El Mundo Fosforescente
  2. El Día que Llegó el Payaso
  3. El Pulpo de la Luna
  4. Nostalgia Majestuoso

While the track “El Mundo Fosforescente” presents charming electric sounds, the second track “El Día que Llegó el Payaso” combines thunderous music with Spanish lyrics to enchant the audience. In both the tracks, sounds of guitar, percussion, and other instruments are blended uniquely to produce a melody that fills the ears with smoothness and the body with energy, making the listener swing to the beautiful tunes.

The third and fourth tracks, “El Pulpo de La Luna” and “Nostalgia Majestuoso” bring the brilliance of music to the fore. It seems as if the musicians have put their souls into different instruments to create these masterpieces. Considering the modern lifestyle and preferences of the target audience, the artists have crafted the music filled with enthralling sounds, way beyond the expectations of the audience.

The music is sure to drive people crazy with emphatic ecstasy to dance. Out of all swinging styles, Latin Jazz has been the most popular style consistently, and there is a reason behind it. The Cuban rhythms along with percussion make the music more danceable. “Sueños de Luna y Mar” offers this igniting music making the listeners get on the dance floor within no time.

Artist Info


DDLO or Descargas de la Onda, meaning “Wave Ripples” in Spanish, is a band of talented musicians from Oakland, San Francisco Bay area. They are known for creating incredibly soulful music with traditional as well as electronic instruments, mostly incorporating cumbia, salsa, son, jazz, and rock styles. Most of their music has abstract poetry and magical naturalism.

The present EP, “Sueños de Luna y Mar”, produced by I.J. Smith, features the following musicians:

  • J. Smith: Guitar, tres, percussion, and congas
  • Pablo Conte: Drums and percussion
  • Eric Marshall: Upright and bass
  • Tony DaQuipa: Congas and drums
  • Adrian Gormeley: Sax, bass, and clarinet
  • Bill Swan: Trumpet

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