Album Review: “Tchuss Jazz Era” by Jungsu Choi Tiny Orkester

Composed by Jungsu Choi Tiny Orkester and released by Challenge Records on January 12 this year, “Tchuss Jazz Era” explores, interprets, and brings together various styles of jazz to create a modern music.


This South Korean orchestra has 12 different pieces and each remains true to its original notes, while elevating the styles of jazz to higher levels with finesse and precision. This shows how much work Jungsu Choi Tiny Orkester has put in to create this epic orchestral masterpiece.

Directed by Jungsu Choi, the orchestra brings forth the true spirit of contemporary jazz. Nowadays, we see only one side of this beautiful genre of music but if all styles are brought together, as is done in “Tchuss Jazz Era”, it definitely creates an amazing music. We get to hear the other sides of jazz that are usually not focused on in orchestras.

“Tchuss Jazz Era” is therefore an exploration into the heart of jazz. It provides a melodious concoction that is extremely original and grounded.

The styles that are prominent in “Tchuss Jazz Era” are contemporary jazz, progressive big band and Avant Garde. Now separately these styles are often heard but few take that bold step forward to blend them together. It takes more than just engineering of sound to showcase the melodies produced and highlight the best strains of the music that comes through.

In “Tchuss Jazz Era”, Jungsu Choi Tiny Orkester masters this course of music from start to finish. The modern approach to all these styles is reflected simultaneously in the construction of their tracks, which are a vortex of contemporary music, backed by beats and rhythms of progressive big band and Avant Garde.

“Tchuss Jazz Era” Tracklisting

There are five different tracks in “Tchuss Jazz Era”:

  1. Stolen Yellow
  2. Anthropology
  3. Nach Wein 224
  4. What If Ellington Did Not Take The A Train?
  5. Spain

Music Video – Anthropology

The composition throughout these tracks remains upbeat and lively as the contemporary jazz moves with its light notes. There is a groovy weight of progressive big band, set with the energetic and radical style of Avant Garde. The way music has been written for this epic twelve piece orchestra is unique and skilful.

It is so creative to accommodate the dynamic styles Jungsu Choi Tiny Orkester aims at. It does not fail the older, conventional jazz but rather the tracks portray it in a more current setting. However, in its quest to make jazz more fashionable, Jungsu Choi Tiny Orkester does not lose its grip on the sophistication that comes along with the genre. It holds on to this elegance in the notes as the gloss over one another produce compelling music. There are also hints of turbo mix when it comes to traditional jazz, and this is set by grooves, beats, and a little hip tone that gives a sense of tumultuous music, especially to tracks like “What If Ellington Did Not Take The A Train?” and “Anthropology”.

Artists Info


There are a total of twelve extremely talented musicians in Jungsu Choi Tiny Orkester, who created this twelve piece orchestra of “Tchuss Jazz Era”:

  1. Jungsu Choi, who is the composer/arranger,
  2. JinhoPyo (Male Voice),
  3. Eunmi Kim on flute,
  4. Yusun Nam on Alto sax,
  5. Hachul Song on Tenor sax,
  6. Yejung Kim on the trumpet,
  7. Junyeon Lee on the trombone,
  8. JungyunAhn on cello,
  9. Sungyun Hong on the guitar,
  10. Jungmin Lee on piano,
  11. Inseob Song on bass, and
  12. Hyunsu Lee on drums.

Together they produce a solid, big band and wonderfully creative jazz orchestra.

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