Album Review: “Temp’rall Sho’gazing” by /fyo͞oɡ/

New Orleans based Jazz/Blues duo /fyo͞oɡ/, consisting of Katarina Boudreaux and Sam Tepper, recently dropped their album “Temp’rall Sho’gazing”. Inspired by Tab Benoit, Stevie Wonder and Ella Fitzgerald, this album also touches upon funk and gospel, in addition to old school Jazz and Blues. It’s an earthy mix of three originals with a solid dose of piano, vocals and percussion.

fyoog-Temprall Shogazing

As the co-founder Katarina puts it, /fyo͞oɡ/ is her first collaborative project. She and Sam co-wrote the three originals. Unlike her previous three studio albums, Katarina doesn’t play keys in this one. You will instead find her singing soulfully to Sam’s piano and keyboards.

“Temp’rall Sho’gazing” Track List

  1. Better
  2. Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair
  3. St. Louis Blues
  4. Gotcha Child
  5. Sometimes I feel like a Motherless Child
  6. Nibble
  7. Blues after Hours
  8. T’aint Nobody’s Business

The opening track “Better” instantly draws in listeners with its stunning vocals and instrumentation. It’s then followed by cover of the Nina Simone track “Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair”. This song is about the hope of getting reunited with one’s love, which is beautifully delivered by Katarina in a reflective, somber and passionate voice supported by Sam’s sensuous piano chords.

“St. Louis Blues” is again a sad song about a woman whose lover has left the town but who is still hopeful of his return. It has been covered earlier by several great artists like Louis Armstrong and Bessie Smith. Despite this, Katarina and Sam have successfully managed to make the current version unique with sultry vocals and distinctive drum beats.

The next four tracks “Gotcha Child”, “Sometimes I feel like a Motherless Child”, “Nibble” and “Blues After Hours” are equally soulful and electrifying. All the four songs have exceptional vocals and polished musical arrangement.

The closing track “T’aint Nobody’s Business” has powerful lyrics delivered in a peaceful, soothing manner. It inspires listeners to follow their heart without worrying about what others may think or say.

fyoog-Katarina Boudreaux

The /fyo͞oɡ/ is an up-and-coming band that writes beautiful original songs and mixes them with carefully chosen cover tracks in a stunning manner, leaving a lasting impression on the listeners. The duo’s new album “Temp’rall Sho’gazing” bears a testimony to their talent of creating compelling tunes that directly communicate with the listeners’ souls and imagination in a natural and spontaneous manner!

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