Album Review: ‘The Code’ by Sundogs

After super successful release of Go It Alone in 2018 and Legends in Their Own Minds in 2019, Sundogs are back with their third full-length album The Code. This Seattle-based band led by Stan Snow and Jed Moffitt is known for their classic rock and jazz fusion. Their latest project The Code also has some legendary musicians like Alan White (YES drummer) and Ben Smith (from Heart band).

Sundogs-The Code

The album features 12 original songs recorded at Magellan Creek Studios, Seattle, WA. Each song is accompanied by an authentic performance video produced from green screen shooting of actual recording of the album. If you like listening to Tom Petty, Leonard Cohen, Steely Dan, Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Stones and Paul Simon, you will definitely love this album inspired by these great artists.

‘The Code’ Tracklist

This album has 12 tracks:

  1. I Want It Now
  2. Mystery Car
  3. Comin’ Back Home
  4. Pick It Up
  5. In the Night of the Light
  6. Ride
  7. Hard Life
  8. Jennifer
  9. The Code
  10. Freedom
  11. Angus
  12. Balloon

The album opens with a classic rock jam session “I Want It Now”, featuring blazing electric keys and on beat drumming. It is almost an instrumental track except for the occasional one-line lyrics I want it now. The fully charged track kind of welcomes the listener and sets the record forward.

“I Want It Now” Music Video:

Following next is “Mystery Car” with shimmering guitar and soaring sounds. The smooth jazzy vocals tell the story of an abandoned mysterious car the narrator feels tempted to take a joyride in.

“Comin’ Back Home” is a melodious head-bopper with sweeping piano rolls and brilliant electric guitars, while “Pick It Up” is relatively slower with a laid-back undertone. “In the Night of the Light” gives a pleasant late night feel. It slowly progresses into a rocky melody with playful electric guitar.

“Ride”brings alive the Mexican flavor with twisted lyrics and vintage guitar solos, while “Hard Life” is a full-on classic rock with heavy electric guitars. “Jennifer” tells a story about the narrator’s significant other through a minimal, jazzy composition.

The title track “The Code”, with its revving guitar solos, outstanding piano and soulful singing, gives out an inspiring message about following your dreams. “Freedom” is inspired by the people who struggled and gave their lives to gain their freedom. It features a great combination of keys, guitar and drums.

“Angus” is a simple, intense track that explores the beauty of mountainous countryside. It pays homage to William Butler Yeats’ poem “Song of Wandering Aengus”.

The album closes with a catchy, upbeat number “Balloon”. Buoyant melody, vibrant singing and soaring sounds amp up the atmosphere.

The Code is one ‘rocking’ jazz fusion record with stellar performance from the ‘extended’ team of Sundogs. All the 12 songs in the album are enjoyable. The music videos have some mind-blowing backdrops.

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