Album Review: “The Currency of Love” by Chase

After successful release of his single “Chase LP” in March 2018, Chase, a young and happening Hip-Hop artist from Denver, Colorado is launching his new album “The Currency of Love” on Feb. 14th, 2019. The second track of this Hip-Hop blast “Miserable” was released a few days back and has been getting rave reviews.

The Currency of Love album Chase

Born on May 29th, 1997, Chase writes, mixes, masters, engineers, and produces his music all on his own, and he is known to flawlessly execute all of his roles. He started writing music at an early age of 14 and started recording in his own studio when he was just 17.

“The Currency of Love” Tracklisting

  1. Lashin’ Out
  2. Miserable
  3. 333
  4. Zxmbie Boi
  5. Beauty Queen
  6. Her4u
  7. F**k 2018

The very first track “Lasin’ Out” introduces you to Chase’s amazing rhyming skills. Chase rides on the beats effortlessly and flows smoothly within the pockets of the beat.

Rap tracks usually do not carry much weight in terms of the use of guitar strings, but the second track “Miserable” is a pleasant surprise. The soaring guitars permeate through the empty atmosphere of the beats. Guitar solos fit perfectly in this track, backed by drum patterns that sound absurdly like Kid Cudi’s “Erase Me.”

“333” has a down tempo but still exudes a rap-rock trap vibe. The instrumental should be lauded for its creative flair, which clearly shows in the flow of the song, with adlibs strategically punching the barren atmosphere of the song. “Zxmbie Boi” has strong hints of Suicideboys and Shakewell.

Tame Impala synths are used effectively in the track “Beauty Queen.” The atmospheric and uplifting synths bear some similarity with The Killers – “Shot at the Night.” This track is also heavily influenced by 80’s disco music.

As artists progressively use voice as a production tool rather than a singing tool, listeners often tend to overlook the dynamic flair in beat production. Although “Her4u” typically falls in this category, it maintains consistency and structure within this simple yet creative piece of the album.

I am falling short of words to describe the track “F**k 2018.” Rapping about the American Dream, though often overdone and glamorized, is a refreshing take. This track culminates the spirit of Chase as an artist himself, and shows his meticulous crafting and engineering skills. It seems to have some influence of Mac Miller but Chase clearly has his own personal style.

Chase probably has more tricks up its sleeve. Holding back skills, rhymes, and wordplay that could take lyricism to another level, the tone and level of wordplay is exuberant and exciting to look forward to. Note that the title of the album is “The Currency of Love.” As Chase excels in the topics surrounding the subject, some may overlook its incredible versatility and calculated risk to employ rapping and singing vocals streaked across uniquely enticing beat productions. Though rhyming skills are controlled tightly, rap listeners can expect more of his prowess in the meantime.

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