Album Review: ‘The Real Story’ by Elford, Davies and Baldini

The UK-based rock band Elford, Davies and Baldini released their new album ‘The Real Story’ early this month. The down-to-earth album features 11 authentic tracks flavored with elements of 70’s rock, blues, funk and protest folk.

'The Real Story' album

Inspired largely by Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Neil Finn, Elvis Costello and Steve Winwood, the band uses the styles of classic guitar-based rock music to convey strong messages about contemporary issues like Covid-19, Brexit and populist conservatism. The album also includes love stories, escapism and religious satire. More than half of the songs were written during lockdown in the UK, and the ensemble worked remotely to record almost the entire album during this period.

‘The Real Story’ Tracklist

  1. The End is Nigh
  2. Cry of Despair
  3. This Fair Land
  4. Come Back Home
  5. Sinners and Saints
  6. Western Stretch
  7. WWJD
  8. An Hour Away
  9. Take Back Control
  10. The Real Story
  11. After the Flood

“The End is Nigh” opens the album with tolling bells and tight rhythm that beautifully supports Elford’s euphonic voice. The song gives a warning of the storms to come, while making a valid assessment of the challenges thrown by the modern life. The next song “Cry of Despair” features bluesy rock of ‘80s and ‘90s with a slight spiritual texture.

“This Fair Land” is Elford’s response to the right wing nationalism claiming a monopoly on the love of the country during the Brexit process. “Sinners and Saints” is a biting commentary on our political division. Elford dons the hat of an absolutist and sarcastically sees things only in black and white.

“Sinners and Saints” Music Video:

“Western Stretch” features grinding guitars and the brilliant solo by Simon Davies. The next track “WWJD” is based on Elford’s first-hand experience as a churchman. It takes a dig at people with crusade mentality that miss Jesus’s true message of peace and harmony.

The narrative in “The Real Story” (title track) is based on actual dreams. In Elford’s words, it’s the nightmare taking place in the waking world. What’s real in all this is the question the song asks. Other tracks in the album include “Come Back Home”, “An Hour Away” and “Take Back Control”.

The album closes with “After the Flood”, which is about life returning to normal after the Covid-19 pandemic.

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About Elford, Davies and Baldini

Keith Elford is the lead vocalist while Simon Davies plays guitars, bass and keys. Major Baldini plays drums and percussion. He has a special knack for finding and locking down the groove.

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Elford is a vicar and Davies a retired project manager. They have been playing together for years. Baldini, a full-time musician, joined them on a previous project. The trio harnesses the power of Christianity’s guiding text minus all the sanctimony, dogma and pseudo-pietism to highlight the core principles of unity, peace and mutual trust.

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