Album Review: “Thunder” by Rick Lee James

A good song is like the soundtrack to a specific moment or season in your life, the instrumentation evokes emotion, the lyrics touch your soul, and it all transforms you into a feeling that you always seem to remember. A sound that never leaves you while simultaneously taking you to new heights! Rick Lee James’ “Thunder,” is that type of musical score. It’s amazing and delivers a beautifully unashamed Christian-centric message in such a diverse manner.

Thunder-Rick Lee James

“Thunder”, the album, is set to release on February 8 this year while the title track is releasing on January 9. You can watch the video premiere on YouTube here at 3:00 PM EST.

The album release concert is scheduled for February 22 at the John Legend Theater. The concert will also feature the “Brothers McClurg” band.

“Thunder” Tracklisting

  1. Reading: Matthew 21: 12-14
  2. Thunder
  3. The Love of Christ
  4. Whom Have I in Heaven but You (Psalm 73)
  5. Glory to God the Trinity (Trinity Hymn)
  6. Love Divine, All Loves Excelling (Perfect Love)
  7. Reading: Prayer for Peace
  8. Love Our Enemies
  9. Be My All
  10. The Lord Is Our Shepherd
  11. Psalm 27: 13-14
  12. Stay
  13. My Master Was So Very Poor

The album begins with reading “Matthew 21: 12-14” followed by the title track “Thunder.” From the opening strums of the guitar and mild thunder storm to James’ melodic vocals coupled with the accompanying instrumentation, “Thunder,” is a melodious gem. Rick Lee James’ voice is tempered, tuneful, and richly controlled as he slowly draws you into full worship mode. The track is almost cinematic, painting a beautiful soundscape of harmonies with powerful lyrics – “It sounded like thunder when you cleared the temple..” It’s an authentic message, filled with reflection, revelation, and passion.

The third track, “The Love Of Christ” is a call to lay bare your faults and receive healing from Jesus, while the next track “Whom Have I In Heaven But You” is based on Psalm 73, which all of us can relate to. The fifth track “Glory To God The Trinity” is a Trinity hymn written by Lee James himself.

“Love Divine, All Loves Excelling (Perfect Love)” combines Charles Wesley and surf rock in a unique, fun style and gives a more celebratory feel to the original melody. The song is followed by reading “Prayer For Peace,” which sets the ground for the next track “Love Our Enemies,” based on the difficult but essential command of Jesus to pray for our persecutors.

The lyrics of “Be My All” were sent to Rick by his friend, Randy Cox, when Rick’s grandmother was drying in the hospital. Rick created the song from Randy’s lyrics with minor changes to fit the melody. “The Lord Is Our Shepherd” is another track Rick has very strong emotions attached to, for he had sung this Psalm 23 holding his wife in the hospital after four miscarriages. He mostly wept while recording this piece. The eleventh track is “Psalm 27:13-14,” which reminds us to remain strong and wait for the goodness of the Lord.

“Stay” is another amazing song Rick wrote for the album. With jazzy piano riffs from Rick, Paul Mitro on Drums, and Jeremy Thompson on electric guitar, this track beautifully conveys the message to have patience for true transformation. The last track “My Master Was So Very Poor” is based on Henry Lee’s lyrics. Rick created music for this hymn without ever listening to its original tune. The song makes a perfect ending (on a resettling note) to the album that began with thunder and disruption.

Rick Lee James does an amazing job balancing a burning passion for the Lord, with relatable lyrics and a vocal presence of sheer authenticity. “Thunder” delivers the genuine human emotions of praise and worship in an amazing and interesting manner!

You can pre-order CD and Vinyl album at Rick’s official website.

Listen to Rick Lee James on Spotify here.