Single Review: “We Are the Kids” by Eivind Husebø

“We are the kids,” by Eivind Husebø is a smorgasbord of colorful but dark memories of love. Just the opening alone is filled with melodic navigation through the darkness of heartbreak and the light of love.


Eivind wastes no time expressing the beauty and innocence in heartbreak in the first line of the song as he somberly sings, “I walk alone back in yesterday to words you said when you walked away,” over a beautifully guitar driven track. His voice is so rich and defined that he reminds me of a young Dan McCaffrey (think the “Love Hurts,” era).

“We Are the Kids” Music Video

Eivind is a rare find. While his voice transcends genres, his style still manages to elude hints of baritone blues, coupled with perfectly faint background vocals; his lyrics are a living testimony of someone who’s seen the good and not so good sides of love and life while still capturing his roots.

The instrumentation on this piece just feels good; its slightly-synthesized sound pairs very well with Eivind Husebø’s ample sound. What I love the most about Eivind’s sound is that he not only raises the bar for existing and new indie artists, but he is also creating his own path leaving musical footprints along the way, leading you into a musical journey step by step. Moment by moment from the guitar riffs to the thick bass lines, every note pulls the listener into a melodic trance!

But don’t be mistaken, Eivind Husebø is not just a piece of music’s missing puzzle; he’s a revolutionary, provoking epiphany on anyone who has been blessed enough to hear his music. Perhaps it’s the excruciating honesty in his melodies, or the reminder that real music still exists. Whatever it is, it awakens some of the same truths inside anyone who is listening and reminds us that real music still exists!

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