Weezer in Leeds Festival

weezer-in-leeds-festival-2009A friend of mine once told me that Weezer might perform in the upcoming Leeds Festival and Reading Festival. I didn’t know whether I had to be happy. On the one hand, I was overexcited because finally I had a big chance to watch my favorite band live on stage. On the other hand, I was afraid that I’d miss my chance. My fear was reasonable since getting a Reading Festival ticket was always a big deal. No, it was not about the price. It was about the way.

Getting the ticket was never easy for this event is always very much wanted. I was almost desperate until my friend told me to go and visit Seatwave.com and voila! Now the chance is all mine! Oh my God, Kings of Leon will be headlining the Leeds Festival??? Well, no more worries, now I know where to go seat wave is the answer!