Album Review: “Cinematica” by Globus

Acclaimed music composer with world-class film trailers to his credit, Yoav Goren is back with another full-length music album “Cinematica”. It’s no secret that Goren has scored film trailers for some of the top franchises like Spiderman, X-Men and Harry Potter with live orchestras. “Cinematica” is the third studio album from his music band Globus after “Epicon” released in 2006 and “Break from This World” in 2011.

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Falling under the genres of alternative rock, cinematic rock, symphonic rock and progressive rock, this is a must-grab album if you love listening to the likes of Muse, ELO, Anathema, Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Les Friction and Hidden Citizens.

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Produced under Goren’s self-owned label, Imperativa Records, Inc., this mesmerizing album focuses on storytelling and is the product of well-coordinated efforts of extremely talented Globus’s artists and guest musicians. For example, you’ll find accomplished film composer Lisbeth Scott of Passion Of The Christ, Munich, fame and singer-songwriter Anneke Van Giersbergen from Netherlands as female vocalists while Dann Pursey from the UK and Ryan Hanifl of the US as primary male rock and alternative vocalists.

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Goren himself sings some of the personal tracks, while also playing piano, synths, guitars, bass and drums in this album. Legendary musicians Robert Fripp and Gregg Bissonette have also contributed in the accomplishment of this masterpiece.

“Cinematica” Tracklist

This music album has the following 17 tracks:

  1. Sprockets
  2. Peace In Our Time
  3. O California
  4. False Redeemers
  5. War
  6. I’m Afraid Of Americans (cover)
  7. Peltier: The Art of Healing
  8. Mighty Ship
  9. Recover
  10. Seraphim
  11. Brothers In Arms
  12. You’ll Never Walk Alone (cover)
  13. Air I Breathe
  14. You and I
  15. The River
  16. Carry The Flame
  17. Golden Dream (letter from Adi Abeyito)

“Cinematica” tells you deeply human stories touching upon themes like war, tyranny, religion, peace, hope and healing. The opening track “Sprockets” acts like a brief preamble to the album, while the second track “Peace In Our Time” is an evocative tune with a good blend of orchestral and progressive rock elements.

 “O California” is a thunderous rock anthem featuring invigorating chorus, while “False Redeemers” is an energetic track with dark textures and sweeping strings. “War” evokes a folk-laden mystique as the singers use the soaring vocals to lament war. The chorus-like harmonies in “Mighty Ship” give out hints of alluring gospel, while “Brothers in Arms” features swashbuckling layers of sound.

“You and I” Lyric Video:

“You and I” is a hard-hitting power ballad that acknowledges the pain accompanying a relationship while emphasizing its importance. “The River” features deliciously warm female vocals, while “Carry the Flame” exudes thick bluesy savors.

The album also includes two covers – David Bowie’s “I’m Afraid Of Americans” and Marcus Mumford’s You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

“Cinematica” is a superbly arranged versatile album that beautifully combines orchestra and rock to deliver luscious music to the listeners. It creates a musical journey that takes you through a myriad of visual landscapes.

More Info About “Cinematica”

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