Album Review: “Welcome to Doc City (Deluxe Edition)” by Doc City

After being away from music for many years, award-winning musician Clarence Taylor, a.k.a. Doc City is here with his new R&B, pop, jazz album “Welcome to Doc City (Deluxe Edition)”, due for release toward the end of this month (January 2023). Joining him in this eclectic, untethered musical project are some of his extremely talented friends from multiple genres, four of whom also happen to be Grammy Award-winners.

Welcome to Doc City (Deluxe Edition)

As per official credits, Sean Jones has played trumpet, Lafayette Carthon piano, Steve Cox piano and moog, Steve Mackey bass, Kenney Anderson sax and Jamey Haddad percussion for this mesmerizing masterpiece, while Doc City himself is on keyboards and vocals.

Doc City or Clarence Taylor is a medical doctor and the son of a Baptist minister who grew up listening to gospel music and spirituals. The profession of a medical doctor gave him an opportunity to experience the depths of humanity from close quarters. Way back in 1998, Taylor received an Achievement Award for Outstanding Song Composition in the International John Lennon Songwriters Competition. In 2002, he was nominated as the Best R&B/Soul Band in the Cleveland Free Times Music Awards. During the course of his musical journey, Taylor has worked with several high-profile artists, including Grammy award-winning engineer, David Frazer (while working at Tarpan Studios, California).

Doc City’s unique history shows up in his music in the form of spiritually charged energy. The present release “Welcome to Doc City (Deluxe Edition)” touches upon deeply human themes ranging from social issues to love loss and hope to philosophy. It’s an uplifting and thought-provoking album that’s bound to immerse the listeners into soul-searching and leave you contemplating on the most important questions of life.

“Welcome to Doc City (Deluxe Edition)” Tracklist

The album includes the following 12 tracks, including one cover, two reprises and one dance mix:

  1. What Love Is
  2. When You Are Near
  3. Did You Choose?
  4. Sweetest Taboo
  5. No Goodbyes
  6. Your Ego Too
  7. Heart Just Won’t Give Up
  8. I’ll Still Be There For You
  9. What’ll I Do – Duet
  10. I’ll Still Be There For You (Reprise)
  11. Sweetest Taboo – Dance Mix
  12. No Goodbyes (Reprise)

The album opens with the delicious refrain of unconditional love titled “What Love Is,” featuring sparkling piano, luxurious trumpet and plush female vocals. The second track “When You Are Near” is a beautiful love ballad, while the third track “Did You Choose?” deals with the socio-political issues of prejudice, hate and bullying.

“Sweetest Taboo” is a cover of Sade’s classic from their 1985 album “Promise,” while the soulful “No Goodbyes” was written after Taylor lost one of his best friends.

“Your Ego Too” addresses the delusional perspective of one’s over-importance of self in a funky upbeat gospel-like manner, while the passionate melancholic voice in “Heart Just Won’t Give Up” takes you on a journey of retrospection. “I’ll Still be There for You” is a spiritual composition of faith and commitment featuring evocative vocals and floating trumpet.

Other highlights include a duet “What’ll I Do”, a dance mix of “Sweetest Taboo” and reprise versions of “I’ll Still Be There For You” and “No Goodbyes.”

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