Single Review: “Almighty God” and “Poderoso Dios” by Tino Ojeda

Tino Ojeda is a Chicago, IL-based musician, who also serves as the Worship Pastor at Emmanuel Bible Church just outside of Chicago. He mostly creates Christian devotional music and worship songs in both English and Spanish for ‘the express purpose of uniting culture under the banner of God’s love’.

Tino Ojeda - Almighty God

The present release “Almighty God” is a beautiful example of his fascination with the Divine and how well he integrates devotion into musical compositions. This is a bilingual release from Tino as the single is accompanied by the Spanish version of the song entitled “Poderoso Dios”.

The songs start with a slow and soothing piano and acoustic guitar played in perfect unison. “In the darkest night, you are there. In the final flight, you are there. Rain falls down on my head. Almighty, Almighty, Almighty God…” goes the lyrics. Tino’s smooth and soft voice makes the songs warm and elevating. The tracks gather pace as they move forward. The energetic drum beats towards the end add a luscious appeal to the songs.

“Almighty God” Lyrics Video:

“Almighty God” and “Poderoso Dios” are lovely, uplifting ballads with a simple message of inclusivity, forgiveness and peace. You will find them healing and hopeful whether you are religious or not.

The music can be categorized as Contemporary Christian and are inspired by the work of great artists like David Crowder, Marcos Witt, Fernando Ortega, Chris Tomlin, Marco Barrientos and 10000 Fathers. In addition to giving vocals, Tino has also played guitar, harmonica and piano in this project. He is assisted by Daniel Rainwater at guitar, Aaron Keyes at piano, Zach Smith at bass and Ryan Siders at drums. The songs are produced by David Walker.

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