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INTERVIEW: Gideon King (& City Blog)

Ever since the City Blog album by Gideon King was released last month, there has been an increasing curiosity among the audience to know more about the person behind this melodious album. Since the music promotion for the album was going on full swing, ...Read More

INTERVIEW: Placebo to play special gig

We live in a city full of cold London weather and a world full of atrocities such as human trafficking but luckily there’s music out there to make us smile. Placebo pull our collective heart strings more than most bands and we damn near ...Read More

INTERVIEW: Frankmusik on making Frankmagic

Quite frankly, Frankmusik makes Frankmagic. Okay, okay… enough word wank for now; the fact of the matter is that Frankmusik is a name on Pop-lovers’ tongues. The DJ, producer and remixer has worked with the likes if Tinchy Stryder and is tipped to change the world of Pop. We caught ...Read More

INTERVIEW: On the pull with Fat Freddy’s Drop

Every good New Zealander is familiar with Fat Freddy’s Drop; they’re a Soul force to be reckoned with. After winning over the crowd with an impressive Glastonbury 2007 set, the lads have been regular visitors to the UK. Ahead of their European tour, we ...Read More

INTERVIEW: The Hoosiers

People take the p*** out of The Hoosiers; a lot. But, when they covered Billy Joel’s ‘We Didn’t Start The Fire’ ahead of the burning of the boat at 2008’s Secret Garden Party festival, they did so impressively. In between singing about Mr A ...Read More


A song comes on the radio, it goes: ‘bla bla bla.’ Throw in a s*** guitar solo and a skinny-jeaned clad vocalist and you pretty much have your average Indie band that, unfortunately, makes up a huge chunk of today’s music industry. Then there ...Read More

INTERVIEW: Leon Jean Marie

Take note music lovers. there’s a bright lad with a hefty head of hair and a large dose of funk pumping through his veins. His name is Leon Jean Marie and Mark Ronson has already had his wicked way with him. You could say ...Read More

Q + A With The Mighty Boosh

Q + A with The Mighty Boosh Institute of Contemporay Arts 11th February. To celebrate the DVD release of series three of The Mighty Boosh, the Boosh and friends kindly put on free screening of their favourite series three episodes at the Institiute of ...Read More

INTERVIEW: The Outline

The Outline are half way through their UK tour with the Australian Rock band, Powderfinger. All the way from the United States of America, The Outline have brought with them a hand full of crunching guitars, crashing vocals and some serious Rock tunes. We ...Read More

INTERVIEW: The Young Knives

The Young Knives Rage Out In Winter When I played telephone line tango with The Young Knives drummer Oliver Askew, it was with a specific topic in mind. You see, there’s a new form of gig-going hitting the nation where VIP tickets gets you ...Read More


“She shredded it 10 times better than I’ve ever played it.” Not everyone gets this type of guitar wielding praise from the likes of Dave Grohl. American guitarist and songstress Kaki King has certainly earned praise from the best of the finger twiddling bunch. ...Read More