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Album Review: ‘Thoughts & Prayers’ by Idiot Grins

After successful release of ‘Quarry’ in 2010, ‘Big Man’ in 2015 and ‘State of Health’ in 2017, Idiot Grins are back with their fourth full-length album ‘Thoughts & Prayers’. This extremely talented rock and soul quintet from Oakland, California includes guitarist Randy Strauss, vocalist ...Read More

Album Review: ‘Better Angels’ by Eric H. F. Law

After releasing his debut album Cycle of Blessings in 2015 and second album Up-Side-Down-Town in 2019, author-singer-songwriter H.F. Law is back with his new album Better Angels, which in his own words, is a “spiritual soundtrack for a fear-filled uncertain world”. Inspired by the ...Read More

Album Review: ‘The Code’ by Sundogs

After super successful release of Go It Alone in 2018 and Legends in Their Own Minds in 2019, Sundogs are back with their third full-length album The Code. This Seattle-based band led by Stan Snow and Jed Moffitt is known for their classic rock ...Read More

Album Review: ‘Revelation’ by Lara Taubman

The inner nudge was so strong that the New York-based Lara Taubman travelled all the way to Wolfe Island Records, Canada to record her debut album Revelation. The nine-track folk-Americana album with a unique blend of bluegrass, country and classic rock features Taubman’s haunting ...Read More

Album Review: “Closer” by Silje Torsøe

After having done music professionally for over 20 years, Norwegian jazz/pop singer Silje Torsøe has finally dropped her debut album “Closer.” This dynamic album includes nine intimate songs written and sung by Silje, which are highly inspired by her favorite artists like Jill Scott, ...Read More

Album Review: “Quiet Stories” by Riccardo Chiarion

After investing considerable time in perfecting his original compositions, Italian jazz artist Riccardo Chiarion is finally here with his contemporary jazz, solo guitar album “Quiet Stories”. Produced under the label of Drawnmusic, this special 10-track instrumental album is highly inspired by Bill Evans, Kenny ...Read More

Album Review: “Opening Creature” EP by Proud Creature

Todd Brozman, better known by his solo moniker Proud Creature, is releasing his first EP “Opening Creature” this month (on 16 March 2020). Proud Creature beautifully merges multiple genres like jazz, electronica, ambient and psychedelic in this five-track album, as he takes you on ...Read More

CD Review: “Hot Damn Romance” by Eva Schubert

After phenomenal success of her previous two albums “Songs for a Ladies Man” and “Borderless Sky,” Vancouver, Canada-based singer/songwriter Eva Schubert is back with her new EP “Hot Damn Romance.” Inspired by great jazz artists like Leonard Cohen, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Sade, and ...Read More

Album Review: “Perspective” by Wembi

After resounding success of his previous releases “Footprints in the Sand” and “Second Chances”, California-based music artist Wembi is back with another full-length album “Perspective” that touches upon a number of genres including pop, soul, ballad, gospel, EDM, R&B, and jazz fusion. Inspired by ...Read More

Album Review: “Temp’rall Sho’gazing” by /fyo͞oɡ/

New Orleans based Jazz/Blues duo /fyo͞oɡ/, consisting of Katarina Boudreaux and Sam Tepper, recently dropped their album “Temp’rall Sho’gazing”. Inspired by Tab Benoit, Stevie Wonder and Ella Fitzgerald, this album also touches upon funk and gospel, in addition to old school Jazz and Blues. ...Read More