EP Review: “Cutie EP” by Ndrew LG

Much to the excitement of his fans all over the world, Ndrew LG, the super-talented young music producer from Regensburg, Germany, recently dropped his emotional EDM EP, “Cutie EP”. The digital album released on May 23, 2018 basically emphasizes on rhythm and heavy metal instruments pounding on the ears to ignite the passion for dancing all night. It’s a unique combination of all the popular elements of electronic dance music, including dubstep, moombahton, pop, trap, house, drop, reggae, and dancehall.

Cutie EP by Ndrew LG

“Cutie EP” Tracklisting

“Cutie EP” has four songs:

  1. Together
  2. With You
  3. Secrets
  4. Coola

All the four tracks are filled with abundance of love and emotion. The album opens with “Together” hovering onto different instrumental notes, blaring bass, and pulsating guitar. The acoustic music of “Together”, themed on the Valentine’s Day, leaves all music lovers spellbound.

Valentine’s Day is an occasion for people to unveil love, affection, and friendship to their loved ones and the track in “Together” is an illustrative masterpiece of music to commemorate the day with ample joy and heartfelt emotions. The intelligent incarnation of jangling sound of instruments with the euphony of lyrics ignite fire to the dance floor. Each track in the album has diverse sound manipulation and features.

Ndrew has experimented with new sounds to deliver astonishing tracks. “Cutie EP” is a clear indication that he strives to push the boundaries and is here to develop musical masterpieces. The album enchants music lovers with a wide range of music, synchronizing between instrumental compositions and the vocal ones.

Ndrew has given everything in this album to take pride and catapult his identity into a legend of this genre. His ability to make the listeners wanting for more is an art in itself.

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