Single Review: “Don’t Mean Broken” by Michael Bruner

Michael Bruner, the smooth-voiced singer-songwriter from Bloomington, Indiana, just dropped his debut single “Don’t Mean Broken.” The record, complete with a beautiful music video, created a lot of buzz, with music lovers drawing comparisons with the likes of Jordan Rakei, Dave Matthews, and Jack Johnson. Produced under the independent label, Instru Dash Mental, “Don’t Mean Broken” is sure to appeal to all pop and reggae lovers with its soulful vocals and meaningful lyrics.

Don't Mean Broken-Michael Bruner

The song opens with elegant strumming of acoustic guitar and is soon joined by fast-paced drumming on percussion. The tune then turns into a reggae-flavored melody and stays so for quite some time. Bruner’s lush voice and keening flute adds a cool, tropical vibe to the music.

“Don’t Mean Broken” Music Video:

Bruner wrote this song as a message to his close friend when he lost contact with her. Those who might have lost direction in the co-dependence of others can easily relate to Bruner’s heartfelt message of reconnection. The upbeat and uplifting music offers a ray of hope with a powerful message that being alone doesn’t mean broken.

Artist Info

Michael Bruner-Musician

Michael Bruner is a talented young musician with several catchy pop tunes to his credit. He released his debut EP, “Transmit” when he was just 18. In the current single “Don’t Mean Broken,” Bruner handles vocals and guitar, while Charlie Jesseph does percussion and backup vocals. The record features Gabe Bruner on electric bass, Marco Messina on bass, Tato Bolognini on drums, and Rodrigo Cotelo on percussion.

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