Album Review: “Ello V Easy” by Tyler Gahn

“Ello V Easy” creates a summery, sunlit sort of atmosphere, one that proves Tyler Gahn to be a storyteller with a real sense of poetry. Over the course of the album, Tyler Gahn draws from a wide variety of styles, from country to pop to folk even a touch of classic rock, all neatly woven together into a blissful whole.


Reminiscent of Jason Mraz’s work, there is something so passionate and full of life throughout the album. Little snapshots of life lived to the fullest emerge over the course of the journey, from thoughts on relationships to simply trying to get through another day. Something about these stories feels quite lived in and real; perhaps it is Tyler Gahn’s emphasis on small details or simply his casual cool vocal delivery. Either way, it results in an imagery that lingers long after the songs have ended.

“Ello V Easy” Tracklisting

The album has 12 tracks:

  1. Living on the Edge
  2. Homelessly in Love
  3. Raise Your Voice
  4. Message in a Bottle
  5. Beautiful Woman
  6. Funny Change
  7. Black Horses
  8. Man on a Mission
  9. Red Wine
  10. Hazel Eyes
  11. Eve to Me
  12. Groove

“Living on the Edge” sets the tone for the album, with wonderful guitar work and a slight nod towards funk. Rhythms have an inviting quality on the downright determined fervor of “Raise Your Voice”, even incorporating a bit of humor into the proceedings. A pastoral spirit defines the laid-back “Message in a Bottle”. Going for a full, rich approach is the classically inclined splendor of “Black Horses” with particularly impressive strings gracing the piece. Stripping things down to the essentials is the intimacy of “Hazel Eyes”. Perfectly bringing everything to a joyous conclusion the giddy “Groove” feels just right.

About the Artist

Tyler Gahn is a breathtaking Seattle-based singer, songwriter and musician who discovered an insatiable love for music when he bought his first guitar for $100 at the age of 20. Inspired by a childhood spend exploring forested mountains and cascading streams outside Seattle, Tyler’s music is original, upbeat, nostalgic, and lyrically rich. He sends the listener into a beautiful realm with the lovely lilting sounds of “Ello V Easy”.

Infused with quirky, heartfelt stories of life’s matters, Tyler’s smooth voice and laid-back rhythms inspire good vibes. Tyler released his first EP, “Here I Go,” in 2012, which was followed by his first full length record “Ello V Easy” in 2015. Tyler’s currently in the studio recording “IckleSwitch,” which is set for a release this summer.

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