EP Review: “Ellis” by 1st Base Runner

After thunderous success of Seven Years of Silence, 1st Base Runner’s recent release Ellis made it to the NACC Radio Top 200 Chart for over 6 weeks in a row. Tim Husmann a.k.a. 1st Base Runner is an Austin, Texas-based singer-songwriter who has mastered the art of weaving raw emotions and rare wisdom into powerful songs. The present EP Ellis brings together the musical prowess of his close friend Bryan Ellis and it further expands Husmann’s signature sound by combining indie rock, pop, electronic and ambient music influences in a single project.

1st Base Runner EP Ellis

The five-track sophomore EP highlights people’s challenges in their lives and how they can regain control over their destiny. It’s likely to appeal to a wide range of audience including those who love listening to artists like Michael Riesman, Radiohead, Exploded View, Joy Division, Aphex Twin and The Virgin Suicides.

“Ellis” Tracklist

‘Ellis’ is a collection of 5 wonderful songs:

  1. Near Me
  2. Flux
  3. Numbers
  4. WXW
  5. Man Overboard

Near Me opens the album with fast-paced electronic beat and ethereal rhythms. Pulsating drums and bassline make you tap along as Husmann asks if his beloved would come near him again. The music video for this song captures the surreal inner world of 1st Base Runner.

Near Me music video:

The second track Flux continues the classic electronic beat but is relatively more settled with a steady drumbeat. The new wave instrumentals brilliantly support Husmann’s husky vocals as he contemplates whether he should continue the relationship with his beloved.

The next song Numbers features a melodic calming sound and nostalgic vocals. The track is filled with pain and anguish as though it reminds you of old wounds that had just begun to heal.

The penultimate track WXW is a delicate track with laidback vibes. It conveys wistful longing for someone with a mixed feeling of whether you should express it.

The EP concludes with Man Overboard, a reflective track with haunting synths. It makes a perfect closing since it brings together all the elements of the collection. The music calms your senses as Husmann croons about fighting back the obstacles of life and trying to go back to the good old days.

Man Overboard music video:

Ellis is especially notable for its emotional theme. Each song sticks to the overall theme of the album while being different from others.

More info about ‘Ellis’ and 1st Base Runner

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You can buy vinyl copies of Ellis and Ellis merchandise from the 1st Base Runner website.