INTERVIEW: Frankmusik on making Frankmagic

frankmusik-interviewQuite frankly, Frankmusik makes Frankmagic. Okay, okay… enough word wank for now; the fact of the matter is that Frankmusik is a name on Pop-lovers’ tongues. The DJ, producer and remixer has worked with the likes if Tinchy Stryder and is tipped to change the world of Pop. We caught up with him to cover his journey so far, getting naked in hi-top trainers and new EP ‘3 Little Words’.

Your music seems quite indefinable. I can’t decide what to call it; what would you suggest?

I call it blade runner pop.

For someone who has not heard your stuff before, what would you suggest they listen to first to get them hooked on Frankmusik?

I think my track “When You’re Around” is a good starting point as its an amalgamation of all my different production techniques.

You have a couple of cool gigs coming up, Neverland and Wonky Pop at Matter alongside the likes of Jodie Harsh. Have you got anything special lined up for this gig?

I think my band are pretty special. They are so tight! The music will hopefully speak volumes.

If you could play alongside anyone, who would it be?

Julia Fordham

A Guardian writer called you ‘Mika on Acid’ how do you feel about this comparison?

I don’t feel sound bites should involve drugs. Comparisons are always going to be made for music artist as it seems people cannot think for themselves when it comes to music. Mika and I are not similar in many ways at all apart from the obvious one. We both make music. We are both guys.

Why do Girls Suck?

Girls suck because they just don’t seem to get along with me.

What is the one thing that is responsible for bringing Frankmusik to life?

My grandfather who has now passed away who was called Frank.

You’ve been to ballet school, you’ve studied fashion and you are a musician, photographer, re-mixer and more; what else is there beckoning you to it try out?

Sculpture and acting.

With your fashion knowledge, what kind of outfit would you say best represents your tunes?

Naked in hi-top trainers.

What’s a live Frankmusik experience like?

Live its still early days with my latest band but the players are amazing! Its a decent electronic show that shows off the music that has come from the studio.

In what kind of mood do you want your fans to leave your gig?

Wanting to come straight back to my house.

Your music is unique but accessible; it stands apart from most of the music out there at the moment. Is there anything contemporary that you find inspiring?

My b sides.

Your tunes are ridiculously danceable. When was the last time you danced like a lunatic?

In my “Three Little Words” video

Frankmusic’s new EP ‘3 Little Words’ is out on the 24th November.

Upcoming Shows

26 Nov 2008 20:00

Levis Ones To Watch Gig @ The Fly, Soho with The Brute Chorus + Josephine Oniyama London

5 Dec 2008 22:00

Mixmag Xmas Party @ The Egg with Justice, Timo Maas and Santos London

12 Dec 2008 20:00

Wonky Pop Christmas Party @ Matter (DJ Set) London

17 Dec 2008 20:00

Live at Gold Dust @ Hoxton Bar and Kitchen London