Gideon King All Set to Steal Your Heart with ‘City Blog’ This September


Music speaks to the soul, if it’s done right. It’s the way that the best artists in the world connect with their listeners: offering them a look into their soul through the lyrics and chord progressions that they create. The energetic infusion of Gideon King and City Blog does just that with their brand new album that is full of toe-tapping tunes that are sure to impress even the most ignorant music-lover. Combining excellent vocals with a wide array of instruments, all recorded at a professional level, City Blog has a great album that is sure to steal many music-lovers’ hearts when it hits the shelf in September, 2015.

Playing guitar since the young age of ten years, Gideon King is responsible for finding the relaxing and simultaneously energetic sound that makes City Blog’s sound so unique and refreshing. He grew up in New York City, and used his time and memories to create an all new sound that would impress any critic out there. Played softly in the background, or loudly as you cook your dinner, this album never loses its sophisticated and refined touch. It’s the perfect backdrop to any dinner party or car ride across the country. Its versatility is what makes it so powerful.

new-york-isCity Blog Tracklist:

  • City Blog
  • See In Double
  • Down
  • Friendship Cliché
  • What Say You
  • Glide
  • Dirty Bastard
  • Just Play
  • Broken Noise

“City Blog”, the title track of the CD, is strong with a steady upbeat feel that captures the heart and attention of jazz, pop, and general music lovers out there. Relatable, smooth-flowing lyrics are combined with jazzy, peppy piano in the perfect combination of instrumentals and verses with just enough of a modern flair so that everyone gets a little something they love. All together, this forms a very professional and energizing song that you just want to listen on repeat.

Other highlights of the CD are “Friendship Cliche”, a modern jazz and pop combination featuring electric guitar and sultry lyrics that really speak to the inspiration you write a song – the person you love or hate, or a little bit of both – which creates a humorous but soul-touching message that helps you connect with City Blog. “Broken Noise” is also a catchy song with all sorts of clashing and resolving harmonies that make you want to learn how to become a musician just so you can appreciate it even more. Simplistic with just that vocal harmony, piano, and a little percussion in the background, the smooth vocals take the lead.

City Blog creates a very unique CD that takes into consideration everyone’s tastes so that all can have something to hold onto and love about it. It’s impossible to choose a favourite song because they’re all so unique with special flavours and messages that will speak to you differently every time you hear them. If you want something new to change your musical – and otherwise – life, this one of a kind, tasteful, sophisticated CD will certainly do the trick for you. It has everything you could want in one tiny package, ready to accompany you on your road trip, airplane ride, or just as you sip a glass of wine after dinner. Float away on the tunes and find yourself in another world completely.